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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Nollywood Actor, Kunle Remi Announces New Business, Cries Out For Help Regarding AMVCA Snub

Popular Nollywood Actor, Kunle Remi cries out for help following the 2023 AMVCA snub, as he announces new business. 

Taking to his Instagram page, Kunle Remi shared a video of him in tears as he revealed that he is getting into a new business since he isn’t being recognized in Nollywood.

He expressed how overwhelmed he is over the love, messages, and pities he has been getting. However, he didn’t want to be pitied, rather he wants people to send him money.

According to him, money is the only thing that can ease his pain and no amount is too small for him.
“As they didn’t nominate me for AMVCA and I am seeing all the love, all the messages, and all the pities, it’s getting to me guys.
But please let’s just stop with the pity and then the tags it’s okay for now.
I am fine just send me money, money is going to take care of all the pain I a feeling. Just send me some money, it’s not too small. Whatever it is I am okay.
Thank you, guys, seems I am not qualified as a nominated actor, let me just keep influencing
I will just continue killing flies and mosquitoes with snipers”.

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