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Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo: Davido Finally Reveals Diamond Chain He Bought With 30 Billion

Recently in one of his track, Davido claims to have 30 billion in his account, and now he has taken to his snap chat to show off his newly customized diamond necklace which was designed by Ice Box Jewelry in the US with the inscription’30 Billion Gang’ on it.
See the post below..

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See Photo of Famous Singer, Reekado Banks as He Rocks Doctoral clothes For His First Movie Shot

The Mavin's Crew singer, Reekado Banks turns actor as he was pictured on his on first ever movie set, playing the role of a pharmacist.

He shared the pics on his snap chat handle.

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For You to Buy Neymar, Be Ready to Break FFP Rules - Barcelona

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu has said that any club that wants to buy Neymar must break Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

The Brazilian forward has been linked with a world-record move to Paris Saint-Germain, with the Ligue 1 side ready to match the €222million release clause in Neymar’s contract.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Bartomeu sought to draw a line under the developing saga and warned PSG that they would be in breach of UEFA’s FFP rules, if they forced through a move for Neymar.

“He has a contract for the coming four years and, of course, we count on him,” Bartomeu said.

“He’s part of our team. He’s part of this [attacking] trident [with Messi and Luis Suarez].

“These clauses are impossible to activate if you want to comply with Financial Fair Play. If someone doesn’t want to comply, then of course it can be activated.”

Neymar has scored 105 goals in 186 games for Barcelona since joining from Santos in 2013. He only signed a new five-year contract running until 2021 last October.
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Liverpool Rejects Barcelona Bid For Coutinho

Liverpool FC has rejected a £72million bid from Barcelona for the player, Philippe Coutinho.

The Premier League side has also told the Spanish giants not to waste their time with another bid, as the Reds have no interest in negotiating the potential sale of their star man.

Coutinho is wanted by Barca, as the long-term replacement for Andres Iniesta.

But Liverpool, who are back in the Champions League and will be hoping to fight for the Premier League title in 2017/2018, are not interested in any deal.
Coutinho signed a five-year deal at Anfield earlier this year, making him the club’s top earner on £150,000-a-week.
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Famous Singer, Justin Bieber Banned From China Over Behavior

Justin Bieber is not welcome to perform in China because of his "bad behaviour", Beijing authorities have said, after the pop idol angered many Chinese in 2014 by going to a controversial Japanese war shrine.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture revealed it is not a "Belieber" when it said the 23-year-old Canadian, who last played in the country in 2013, had a lot of growing up to do if he wanted to return.

The statement came after Chinese fans posted comments on the agency's website demanding to know when the artist would be allowed to perform in China again.

It is "inappropriate to introduce bad doings into the performing arts" it said, calling the performer out for his antics and urging him to change.

"We hope Justin Bieber can improve his words and deeds in the process of growing up and become a singer people really like."

Bieber's latest song "Despacito" has been streamed over 4.6 billion times since its March release, according to the Universal Music Group.

The Beijing cultural bureau did not specifically mention Bieber's 2014 visit to Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, which honours millions of mostly Japanese war dead, including convicted World War II war criminals.

The shrine which was located across Asia as a symbol of Japan's perceived lack of penitence for its past imperialist aggression, under which China in particular suffered heavily.

Shortly after his trip, the singer behind the hit song "Sorry" issued an apology to scandalised Chinese fans, saying he was "mislead to think the shrines were only a place of prayer".

But still, some didn't forgiven him.
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Police Killed Kidnappers on Ransom Negotiation Spot (See Photos)

The Nigeria Police killed a four-man armed kidnap syndicate terrorizing Aba and its environments.

On Wednesday, Police detectives attached to Omoba Division got the upper hand on the syndicate at Ovungwu, Isiala-Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State.

The syndicate had on July 18, 2017, in Osisioma Ngwa abducted a man identified as Onyemaechi Mbamaonyeukwu Ijeoma, the Managing Director of Mba Hotels Aba in his ash colour Nissan Infinity SUV with Reg. No. GWA 807 DH and held him hostage in an uncompleted building at Umuajuju Ovungwu, Isiala Ngwa South LGA while negotiating for a ransom.

Acting on a tip off, the detectives swooped in on the hoodlums’ den where the gang opened fire on sighting them. See full pic below..

During a shootout, two of the Kidnappers later identified as Nwadibia and Monday were gunned down while others escaped with bullet wounds. The victim was rescued unhurt and one of the detectives sustained injuries.

The victim’s SUV, two motorcycles, and four GSM phones were recovered
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Kemi Olunloyo Says Senator Adeleke Loves To Dance Only Because He Is Big (Photo)

Kemi Olunloyo took to IG to say the only reason Senator Adeleke dances so much is because he is trying to get rid of his excess fat, she then went on to call Nigerians illiterate (This is not her first time).

And educate them thus;
'I always say “Always focus on the bigger picture”. Senator Adeleke is OBESE but he’s seen constantly dancing the FAT away. He’s not sedentary. Dance exercises are the best! Nigerians online are generally illiterates who feel that each time I give medical advice, its not my business. Wake up. I’m a 29yr health professional and health journalist among other things. The ailments below will not be in your portion IJN.

Heart disease
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
These are attributes that affect fat people faster than trim, muscular fit people. Kudos to the #DancingSenator. Work it'
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Some Lovely Ways You Don't Know Technology Has Transformed Travel

In the past, travelling individually, with friends or family members is usually a logistical mess. It comes with a lot of challenges that discourage quite a number of people from travelling. Fast-forward to today and with the intensity technology has been embraced in the travel industry, Nigerians can now travel with little or no logistical nightmare.

Below are 6 ways technology has changed travel over the years.

1). Deciding you destination
Before the arrival of the internet, travelers have to go through holiday brochures at a travel agent’s office, buy guidebooks or taking a friend’s recommendation when it came to deciding where to go. Today, it very easy to decide as you can simply visit a well know travel blog, social media handle, or even your friend’s Facebook posts to choose where to go.

2). Booking a hotel
Then you have to saunter around to search for a hotel to lodge. This is very stressful and time-consuming. This is past tense as you can now book a hotel from the comfort of your room. Even if you find yourself stranded in the middle of the night, you can still call Jumia Travel to book a room in any of your favourite hotels. If you are in this kind of situation then, you are simply on your own.

3). Staying in touch
While travelling, you can send postcards, write letters and occasionally make a long-distance phone call from the hotel reception, or a local phone booth. Thus, staying in touch certainly wasn’t easy and most people at home don’t expect to hear from you unless it is an emergency. With your internet savvy phone, you can have real-time conversations with family members, girlfriend, friends, and wife via messaging platforms. Hence, no one needs to worry much about you when you travel.

4). Recording travel memories
You need the services of a camera man to take photos and videos of your wanderlust. As such, there is a limit to which you can take pictures and videos. But with your phone camera, you can take as many photos and videos as you so desire. You just keep clicking. You can share the pictures on social media and upload to your cloud. It will be there forever and you can access it anytime you like. Travel memories made easy!

5). Learning local languages
There are so many places you cannot visit because you do not understand their language. You have to look for an interpreter or a local. Today, all you need is a smartphone and you install Google Translate or iTranslate. With these apps, you can learn the basics of any language and it will help you communicate with the locals with ease.

6). You will spend less
The result of all of the above is that you don’t need to break the bank to travel unlike in the past. Armed with the right technology tools, you will definitely travel cheaply.
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Who Rocks The Hair Better?, Between Banky W and Tuface

Banky W reposted this and captioned it..

  • Kinda cool when you give respect to the don. Plus Tuface has been winning the bald look since 1800. TF?

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Great Importance Of Speaking Nigeria's Indigenous Languages

Nigerian has three major languages namely Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. The thing is not a large number of people can communicate in these three languages. This is perhaps because English is our main lingua franca. There are so many benefits of speaking these three languages.

It is, noteworthy, to say that even though we are encouraging Nigerians to speak these three languages, more and more citizens are moving away from even communicating in their own mother tongue.

Below are the Importance of speaking the Languages..

1). You will have more job opportunities
There are certain jobs you cannot apply for if you cannot speak these three languages. And you know that these jobs come with fantastic salaries and bonuses. For example, you cannot work for BBC Hausa, if you cannot speak Hausa whether you are a veteran broadcaster or not.

2). Improve your competitiveness
Speaking a second or third traditional language makes your curriculum vitae stand out and can boost you to the top of the interview list with potential employers. You are very competitive.

3). Can earn more money
The financial returns of learning an extra Nigerian language can help you earn more money. You can freelance as a translator thus making more quids on the side.

4). Get to try on different personalities
You cannot be pigeonholed if you speak these languages. Hence, You can easily shift from one personality to another depending on which language you and your friends are speaking. You will have an all-rounded personality.

5). Opens up social and cultural opportunities
Speaking another language allows you to interact with different people and understand the perks of other cultures. This means that you have better chances to make friends, explore different ways of life and be able to blend with different lifestyles.

6). Improves problem-solving
Being multilingual in traditional languages can improve your brain functions like the ability to focus attention and perform mental tasks. Thus, people who speak more than one Nigerian language can process information more efficiently.

7). Help keeps you safe
Have you been in a dangerous situation in which you do not speak the same language with the people involved? Well, persons who are multilingual do not need to worry because their ability to speak and understand whatever they are saying can save you. However, do not be too hasty to respond because this can also be fatal.
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See More Beautiful Photos of Nollywood Actress, Dayo Amusa as She Celebrates Her Birthday

The actress look so flawless. See another one below..

Happy Birthday to her.
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Prayer of The Day!

Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!.
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Some Safety Tips to Consider While Using Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi can sometimes be an extremely delightful blessing, but it can also be a curse when the safety of your data is concerned. However, there are some safety tips to consider when using public Wi-Fi to help protect your data better.

So, below are some safety tips for using a public Wi-Fi.

1). Before Connecting Turn Off File Sharing
When using public Wi-Fi it is best to turn off all file sharing and restrict access to your computer by disabling remote login from other computers in your network. This is to prevent easy access to your data and keep your data protected. You can also turn off network discovery to prevent others from seeing your device on the network. All these can be done through the control panel (for Windows) or system preferences (Mac) of your computer.

2). Turn Off Wi-Fi When not in Use
One of the basic rules of using untrusted networks is to switch it off when you’re done using it. It’s a great security habits that also helps save your battery. You can make things easier for yourself by downloading the offline version of whatever it is you're working on so you don’t have to stay online for long periods on an untrusted network.

3). Keep Your Antivirus and Antimalware Up to Date
If you know you are inclined to using public Wi-Fi networks on your device, it is best to ensure your device is running on a good and up to date antimalware utility and antivirus utility. Whatever antimalware or antivirus you choose to use just ensure it’s a good one, it’s up to date and you keep it running especially when using public Wi-Fi.

4). Install Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions
Privacy-protecting browser extensions are tools that will help to fortify your browser. These privacy-protecting browser extensions gives you more control over your browsing experience and helps you lock out anything you need to, in addition to protecting you from network attacks like session hijacking and clickjacking.

5). Use Your Own Wi-Fi Instead
Your best protection from the dangers of public Wi-Fi is to simply not use it. Whether you’re using mobile hotspot or tethering the network from your smartphone, using your personal Wi-Fi offers you the safest browsing experience – much safer than the use of public Wi-Fi. However, there are unavoidable times when public Wi-Fi will be needed and in those times you can take necessary measures (like the one’s listed above) to protect your data.
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Hilarious; Check Out What You Become When You Keep on Gossiping (See Photos)

[Hahahahah!. See the full picture below..

The result of gossiping.
Lolz. So funny.
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Kemi Olunloyo Again on Eniola Badmus Weight

Kemi Olunloyo just got done with Popular Comedian, Seyi Law and his family and now its Actress Eniola Badmus's turn.

She called her out saying she is fat and might suffer health complications soon if she doesn't loose weight, and just after Eniola Badmus announced yesterday that she was a little bit under the weather, Kemi used the opportunity to lash out at her. See what she wrote below..

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Davido's Little Daughter, Imade Imarges An American Citizen (See Photos)

Popular Nigerian Musician"s Daughter, Davido, Imade now an American citizen.

The singer announced today on snapchat that his first daughter, Imade Adeleke is now an American citizen. 

Many of his followers have been congratulating him on the new development.
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See Photos of Kim Kardashian as She Publicly Show Off Her Boobs On Date Night With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has been using various crafty ways to show off her breasts this month.

And the 36-year-old reality TV darling may have come across her most successful method on Wednesday evening as she stepped out for a dinner date with Kanye West in Beverly Hills.

The mother to North and Saint put her bust on display as she modeled a strategically ripped netted top, showing off her tummy in the process.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

NSCDC Arrest Doctor For Allegedly Infecting 6yrs Old Boy With HIV

The Nasarawa State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has arrested a 30-year-old man alleged to be operating an illegal clinic and infecting a 6-year-old boy with HIV through transfusion of unscreened blood.

The Commandant of NSCDC i the state, Mr Lawan Bashir-Kano, disclosed yesterday in Lafia that the suspect, Jonathan Ibrahim, was arrested on July 17th.

He said that Ibrahim, who hails from Iwashi village in Doma Local Government Area of the state, was arrested following complaint about his activities from members of the public.

Bashir-Kano said preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect, who operates an unregistered clinic, last year, transfused contaminated blood to the 6-year-old boy, thereby infecting him with HIV.

He said the parents of the boy recently discovered that he had been infected with the virus.

He added that tests carried out on the lad in Lafia following frequent illness showed that he was HIV positive.

The commandant said the suspect had confessed to running an illegal clinic and transfused unscreened blood to the patient in question at his facility last year.

Bashir-Kano said the command, in collaboration with the state Ministry of Health, as well as the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria in the state would ensure that the suspect was prosecuted.

“If such persons are not made to face the wrath of the law, there would be increased cases of untimely death occasioned by fake medical treatment,” he said.

The commandant called on members of the public to be vigilant and wary of fake medical practitioners. He added that they should report any suspicious medical personnel or outfit to security agencies for action.

The suspect who told newsmen he graduated from the School of Health Technology, Keffi as an environmental health officer, confessed that he had no license to operate the clinic.
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Meet Young Girl Who Makes 9 A1s In This 2017/2018 Recent Released WAEC

A big congrats to her. Wishing her the best!
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Nnamdi Kanu Says Federal Government Offered Him Biafra Republic Without Rivers, Benue

The Indigenous People of Biafra Leader, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has revealed that the Federal Government offered him Biafra Republic while in Prison with only the five South East States as the component parts but he rejected it.

He also said he rejected it because that did not constitute the complete Biafra, saying that he told them that he wanted a Biafra with Rivers and Benue States inclusive.

Kanu also claimed that he was offered an oil block and mansion in Dubai aimed at making him to abandon the cause but that he rejected them and insisted on the actualization of Biafra.

The Biafra Leader said those things were Greek gifts to buy him over and maintained that he has no price other than to actualize the restoration of Biafra Republic and liberate the Igbo.

“They gave me Biafra in prison with only the five Igbo states; I said no, I want Benue and Rivers”, Kanu said, pointing out that “Biafra is coming, there is nothing to stop it”.

Source: Vanguard
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Nollywood Actress, Dayo Amusa Is + 1 Today (Photos)

The actress is a year older today and to celebrate that, she  released new photos of herself.
See more photos of her below..

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Law That Will Separate NFIU and EFCC Set To Be Pass By Nigeria Senates

The Nigerian Senate has resolved to pass a law that would make the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU, independent of the anti-graft agency, EFCC.

Nigeria lawmakers today based their decision on the reported suspension of the NFIU from the Egmont Group.

The NFIU helps tackle money laundering and monitor financial flows, task eased by its membership of the Egmont Group whose members share intelligence relating to international finance and illicit flow.

Critics of separating the NFIU from the EFCC have said it would weaken the anti-graft agency which has tackling financial crimes as one of its main task.
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Vacation Classes Over Insecurity Been Prohibited By Lagos State Government

The Lagos State Government has cancelled vacation classes due to the rise in kidnapping and rape cases across the state. The state has however introduced measures during this vacation to forestall any possible ugly situation that may arise in public schools.

The state government had in a memo to all permanent secretaries, tutors-general of the six educational districts in the state, asked them to stop all forms of vacation teaching for the rest of the year.

The government attributed the measure to present security situation and threats by kidnappers.
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Robot Security Guard 'Commits Suicide' After a Few Days on Job

The robot committed suicide by drowning itself a public fountain after just a few days on the job.

The Knightscope K5 robot, which bears a striking resemblance to a Dalek, had been brought in to patrol the area outside the Georgetown Waterfront shopping centre and office complex in Washington DC.

It was found face-down in the fountain on Monday afternoon, after apparently tumbling down some steps into the water.

The K5 robot stands about 5 feet tall, weighs 300lbs (over 21 stone), and has a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour - although it usually moves at 1 to 3 miles per hour. Knightscope claims the security robot is better than a human guard, because it never gets bored of its job.

It is equipped with a range of sensors - including a 360-degree camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder and radar - which are supposed to enable it to move around autonomously.

It is designed to prevent crime by detecting abnormal noises and temperature changes, scanning car number plates and checking them against a police database, and using facial recognition technology to spot known criminals.

If it detects any security threats, it can squeak, whistle and make other loud noises intended to scare off criminals, as well as alerting the local authorities.
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Man Got Remanded In Prison For Rapidly Employer’s Wife

A Magistrates Court based in Ikeja, Lagos State has today ordered a 38-year-old man, Tunde Bankole, remanded in Kirikiri Prison for raping his employer’s wife.

The Police Prosecutor, Insp. Raji Akeem, told the court that the accused committed the offences on May 28 at the home of the complainant. He alleged that Bankole forcefully had carnal knowledge of the woman at her home in Agege, near Lagos.

Akeem said that the rape victim had explained that her husband had informed her that he would be coming home late and that she left their gate unlocked for her husband to enter when he returned.

The prosecutor explained further that the woman was in a room when she heard Bankole knocking at her door.

Akeem said that the woman, who thought Bankole had returned with her husband, opened the door for him and was shocked to find the accused holding two knives.

“The complainant said that Bankole threatened to stab her with the knives if she did not allow him to make love to her.

“She said that the accused forcefully had carnal knowledge of her without her consent and also took her gold wedding ring, valued at N150, 000 from her.

“The complainant said that when she tried to escape, the accused brought out charms from his pocket and told her to swear not to tell her husband about the incident that took place.

“She said that when the accused finally left her, she quickly called her husband and told him how the accused had raped her.

“The complainant’s husband quickly notified the police and the accused was arrested,” Akeem said.

Akeem said that the offences contravened Section 57, 287 and 260 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

Bankole, however, pleaded not guilty to the three-count of threatening with violence, stealing and rape.

The Magistrate, Mr T.O. Shomade, turned down the bail application of the accused and ordered him to be kept behind bars until the next hearing of the matter.

Shomade adjourned the case until July 26 for the hearing of the bail application.
Section 260 prescribes 14-year jail term upon conviction for rape.
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Commissioner of Police Says Abducted Lagos Pupils Are All Fine

The Commissioner for Police in Lagos State, Fatai Owoseni, has said the six abducted pupils of the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, Epe, are fine.

He spoke at a press briefing yesterday at the command headquarters in Ikeja, added that the police were committed to reuniting the children with their parents.

The pupils – Peter Jonah, Isiaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbausi, Pelumi Philips and Farouq Yusuf – had spent 55 days (as of Tuesday) in captivity. Owoseni commended the parents for their patience on the incident.

Owoseni said, “I want to tell you that the children are fine. We will continue to intensify efforts with a view to ensuring that the children are reunited with their parents.

“I want us to continue with the understanding that the main objective of all of us is to successfully reunite these children with their parents. With your support and prayers, the children will be reunited with their parents.”

The CP also said the police and sister security agencies were fully prepared to ensure that the Saturday, July 22 council election in the state was peaceful, free and fair.
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Motivating Bible Verse of The Day

bible verse photo

Only faith can make it done!
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Female Corper Survives Fatal Accident While Going From Kogi To Abuja (See Photos)

According to the female Corper; Nwadike Chioma, the accident occurred along Kogi-Abuja Expressway:

"GRATEFUL HEART. Please join me and thank the Lord for sparing my life and that of others, in the pictures below is an accident I was involved in enroute Kogi-Abuja Expressway. The trailer bearing a container failed break few minutes away from the bridge, our driver noticed it and increased his speed in other to avoid the trailer, but unfortunately the trailer was at a more higher speed, getting to the top of the bridge it rammed into our bus and a smaller car in front...hitting it twice and pushing it towards the edge, I was seated at the front ooo...the front side of the bus was compressed, I thought i've lost my legs, I pulled and pulled my legs and it came out..

She also said:
I jumped to the back and jumped out through the broken window(how i did that without any assistance still beats me), thank God too the container it was carrying didn't fall on the bus, that would have been it, we were whiskers away from the river, another hit by the trailer would have sent the bus tumbling inside the river but God said no, Mercy said NO, I was saved, unscratched, I was just crying when I looked at how close we were to death, road safety officials rushed down with some other life savers, they were fully on ground to pack bodies but were surprised that there was not even a single one, 'Corper stop crying and thank God ooo' they said, though still in shock and traumatised am more amazed how much God loves me, to Him be all the glory forever more in Jesus name. Amen!"

See photo from the accident below..

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Popular Comedian, Seyi Law Shades Nigeria Big Boy, Hushpuppi

Recently, Famous Nigerian Comedian, Seyi Law has been in the news of late, thanks to Aunty Kemi Olunloyo, who has seemingly dragged the comedian and his daughter.

Yesterday, the Comedian and Father of one took to his Instagram to shade the hell out of Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi. Seyi shared a post of himself with a Nelson Mandela portrait and a dog and captioned the post;

“Two Great Men And A Dog. One Dead Hero, A Living Legend in the making and Still a Dog. Because of instigators, Here is Nelson Mandela, SEYILAW and a PUPPI. Hush please.”

Hushpuppi caught his sub of course, and he has replied the Comedian via Direct Message, in a very MATURED WAY

See Post Below..

See the Full DM He Sent to the comedian (Seyi law).

“You are one of my favourite comedians, I love your work. I see people sending your posts in my dm, you a comedian and I respect that but it’s risky sometimes taking jokes on people who might retaliate. Throughout you and auntie kemi’s ish, I always supported you and your beautiful and adorable daughter and I still will continue to, no matter what, If it were anyone else, I would use that word dog/puppu to destroy their day. I see the sub but I repsect and love you bro!!! Alwyas your fan”.
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Surprising Ways To Put a Smile on The Face of Troubling Clients

Handling stressful or difficult clients is not something many businesses look forward. But they have no choice than to deal with the client's complain as they are the oil that lubricates any business. Clearly, they exist in every business but it is better to keep them if you can. This is why they say that the customer is never wrong. So, how may you keep your difficult clients?

Below are some ways to keep your difficult customers happy.

1). Allow them to vent
Sometimes, you have to just keep quiet and allow your client to express everything on their minds. You should note that they become difficult because they feel they cannot say what they have experienced by using your service.

2). Reassure them
After allowing them to express themselves, do not let them feel that you do not have their best interests at heart. The simplest thing to do is to reassure them that every decision is to make them happy.

3). Apologise
Like earlier said customers are king. They are always right. No matter how infuriated you may be with them, you just have to see things from their perspective. Hence, always take the blame, even when you know that you are not at fault. Whatever the case may be, always take responsibility.

4). Come up with a solution
This is probably the most effective strategy you can use when handling a stressful client. When there’s a problem, a good business person comes up with a solution.

5). Learn from the situation
These difficult customers have a lot to teach businesses. So, evaluate who your difficult customers are, then evaluate why they are this way. You may want to deal with them differently because you know they are trouble. But at the same time, they are loyal.
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Christian Father Killed Daughter Because of Muslim Boyfriend

A Christian father has been accused of murdering his teenage daughter by stabbing her repeatedly in the neck in a row over her Muslim boyfriend.

Henriette Karra, 17, was found dead in her family's home in Ramle, Israel, with several stab wounds to the neck on June 13.

Her father 58-year-old Sami, uncle and her mother Aliham were all arrested for plotting her murder which came after weeks of fighting over her romance.

The teenager was in a relationship with a Muslim man who was in prison. She planned to convert to Islam upon his release.

In the weeks before her death, she fled home in fear of her life after being threatened and beaten by her father, according to The Jeruselum Post.

Henriette sent panicked text messages to friends telling them that her family was going to kill her.

One read: 'You won’t believe what they did to me… They are sending people to kill me.

'They are searching for me in every possible place. You don’t understand what fear this is. I don’t believe I have the strength to stand on my feet and run away.'

She went to stay with her boyfriend's mother but her own family tracked her down and she was forced to return to them.

Police were watching the family and had placed recording devices inside the home.

According to local reports, the girl's father was previously suspected of drug dealing.

It is not clear if the family was being monitored for those allegations or if the surveillance was ordered as a result of complaints made by Henriette.

On the night before her death, her father was heard telling her mother: 'Forget about her, let her go to hell.

'It’s not worth another shekel to even chase after her, she’s garbage. We need to whip her, throw her away like a dog and see how she does She’s already gone, I’m sick of her and you.'

Her mother later told police that her husband believed she had affronted the family's honor.

The girl's father denies the killing and is on trial in Israel.
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