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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Frank Edoho Likely To Stepdown As Host on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Barely two months after popular TV game show, Who wants to be a Millionaire, went off air, it is expected to begin airing again across major TV stations on Sunday. Following a partnership with Airopay, which is a global international payments operator, the show’s producer, Ultima Studios Limited, said the show has been revamped.

To this effect, the Managing Director of Ultima Studios, Femi Ayeni, said the show’s anchor, Frank Edoho, will likely be dropped.

Mr Ayeni in his words says; “The presenter may not be returning as a host this time around but he remains a part of the team. We will also encourage him to partake in the auditions which will see us have a befitting replacement if need be.
We will be getting a younger presenter but Frank remains a part of WWTBM. We will air highlights from captivating past editions of the show for about 5 weeks until we get a new anchor for the show”.
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Story of Estate Agent Who Impregnates Bosom Friend’s Wife (Photos)

Story of Estate Agent Who Impregnates Bosom Friend’s Wife (Photos)
When Danladi Funtuwa, 38, an auto mechanic from Nasarawa Eggon area of Nasarawa State, working in ‘mechanic village’ on Bukan Sidi in Lafia, and his wife, Salamatu Maka, 31, a seamstress from Wamba Local Government Area of the state, met in 2013 in Lafia, during an empowerment programme of Governor Tanko Almakura, it was like love at first sight.

That love turned a remarkable corner when in March 2014, they got married and began to live as husband and wife in Shabu, Lafia. But some four years down the line, the love made in heaven has become shattered on earth, no thanks to fertility challenges.

What God has joined let no man put asunder, the Old Book says. But it is most painful when the man used in putting asunder that union is your bosom friend.

This is the truth that hit home as our correspondent sat through a session in which Salamatu told a stunning tale of how she was impregnated by her husband’s best friend, Mr. Francis Kulungu, 35, an indigene of Awe Local Government Area of the state and a land and property agent in Lafia.

Bubble burst

The bubble burst when Mr. Funtuwa, in anguish, reported to the Chief of Shabu, Alhaji Sulieman Abdullahi, the three-month pregnancy his wife was carrying for his best friend.

 In an interview with Saturday Sun, he talked about how he started suspecting his friend’s affair with his wife when he started frequenting his house, on the pretext of paying a friendly visit, even when he (Funtuwa) was not around.

“Owing to the nature of my work as a mechanic, I close very late, but each time I got home after that I would meet him sitting outside and waiting for me or I would be told he had just left,” Funtuwa told Sun correspondent. “Some of my neighbours who suspected something fishy between them complained to me about the man’s closeness to my wife and wondered aloud what the kind of friend he is, saying he was always visiting and chatting with my wife in her shop.”

Having been alerted, Funtuwa decided to keep a close but surreptitious watch on the two. But over a four-month period, his trap caught nothing tangible he could use to openly confront them over their evil deed.

Didn’t a proverb say that as you monitor the moves of an animal trapped inside a hole so does it from there monitor your moves too? So it was with the two lovebirds engaged in an illicit affair and Funtuwa.

Foolproof trap

When his efforts seemed to have drawn a blank, he hit on a seemingly foolproof idea, which he felt he could use to nail them once and for all.

On May 14, 2017, he lied to his wife that he was going to Kaduna to buy a Peugeot 406 engine for one of his customers’ car and that the trip would keep him away for three days.

But rather than travel as he had made her believe, he stayed in a neighbour’s house hoping to monitor his wife’s movements from there. The following day, he returned to the house at about 12:30pm in the middle of the night only to discover to his dismay that his wife was nowhere to be found. Further move to know her whereabouts was thwarted by his discovery that her phone was permanently switched off for the two days duration.

Unknown to him, his wife and his friend, Kulungu, had left Lafia, the same day, for a visit to his (Kulungu’s) younger brother, schooling at the College of Education, Akwanga, and spent two days there. At the end, the wife returned only to meet an enraged husband waiting for her at home.

“That was the beginning of the problem,” Funtuwa icily observed. “I demanded to know where she went. She was too tongue-tied to talk. From that time till now, we’ve not had sex because she was unwilling to tell me where she went. I reported the matter to her parents and they supported me to insist on knowing where she went.”

For a long time, she continued to remain taciturn. On Sunday, July 30, 2017 matters took a turn for the worse as the enraged husband changed tactics, drew a cutlass and threatened to kill her right in their bedroom if she refused to open up.  “At 11pm, when I could no longer hold my anger, I drew a cutlass I bought last year to protect myself in case of an attack and asked her to say her last prayers as I was going to kill her. She started pleading for her life. But all her pleas fell on deaf ears as I told her firmly that I would only spare her life if and only if she told me the truth and nothing but the truth about her two days trip without my knowledge and about her relationship with my friend (Kulungu).”

Midnight confession

Having been so cornered with no way of escape, Salamatu opened up and began to sing.  She told him all she knew about the affair that she said started with Kulungu in April. She confessed that she was actually the one who seduced him into the secret love affair and she did that to know whether her inability to conceive for the past three years they’d been married is hers or husband’s.

On the mystery surrounding the two days trip away from her matrimonial home, she revealed that Kulungu took her to his younger brother’s apartment in Akwanga where they had fun for two days. Crying profusely, she earnestly pleaded for forgiveness, adding that her desire to have a child led her into trying another man to know where the problem is and that’s why she couldn’t use condom. In fact, at the end of the confession, she confirmed to him that she was actually three months pregnant courtesy of Kulungu.

No holds barred

In an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun, Salamatu confirmed her husband’s story and hinged her reason for going into the secret love affair with her husband’s friend on her impassioned desire to have a baby after marriage. She regretted her husband’s inability to bring that about more than three years after their wedding.

Her account: “A year after our marriage, we went to Dalhatu Specialist Hospital, Lafia, to carry out some tests to know why I have not conceived. The tests showed that my husband has low and watery sperm count and as a result might not be able to impregnate a woman except something was done about it.
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Photos: Effective Ways To Apply And Maintain Dye On Natural Or Relaxed Hair

If you love hair colors that are harmless then this post is for you!

Henna: Henna leaf is popular among the Indians and Hausas from Northern Nigeria. It's used to paint nails or draw beautiful Laali designs on legs and arms.

 It can also serve as dye for hair, YES you heard right. Henna can be used as hair dye and it is good for people who don't want any kind of chemical on their hair for fear of hair loss. It's benefits are numerous; it removes dandruffs, serves as conditioner, strengthens and prevents breakage, boosts hair growth etc. When blended it is just like the greenish powder image attached and can be bought from the market where you get your blended herbal produce like alligator pepper etc

How to apply Henna to dye hair

1.Get already blended henna(powder) and mix in warm water alone or include boiled green tea, honey or coconut milk for better result.

2. Leave mixture in covered bowl to develop for as long as 10 hours or leave overnight, it should have turned a clayish colored thick paste by morning.

3.Ensure to stir properly to avoid lumpiness then apply to hair.

4. Wear cloths you can easily dispose of if it gets stained, apply edges with Vaseline to avoid color from running to your skin.

5. Spread henna paste on areas you want color and wrap hair in plastic (nylon, silk scarf or anything that you can easily discard) for up to 2 hours to get it to evenly penetrate hair before washing with shampoo.

6. You'd need lots of water because it gets kind of flaky but with honey added just before application on hair it helps it wash off with ease, I remember when I used henna and I almost died from broken arms and waist LOL. I always do these things myself because most stylists are ignorant. You won't notice color immediately, it takes about a week depending on hair type but you'd get a reddish glow in the sun and light. 

If you want to dye hair in color order than red then henna isn't for you because red/black is the only color it produces. But just before you use that permanent dye then first test hair with semi-permanent dyes to see how your hair will fair before you apply the permanent. It's important to always keep hair moisturized and leave in conditioners are your best bet. Cantu is great but I use dark and lovely. 

Permanent dye: Go to a professional if you're not patient like I am or enjoy the entire process of nurturing like I do. I applied my current dye myself and if you read up the process manual attached to the pack, you should it just right.
To do after application

1. Deep condition after a week of applying dye to avoid split ends.

2. Chemically dyed hair is susceptible to split ends. Trim tip of hair by no more than 1/16-1/8th of an inch every 3 months or less so they don't break to the root of hair.

3.  I would advise that you only dye tip of hair like I always do. That way you're sure that your edges are protected, when I had relaxed hair I used to apply dye In all sections of my hair but that didn't work out very well for me but then I knew nothing about hair care.

4. To retain hair color, you may need to reapply every 6months or once you notice color starts to fade. I did mine again last week and picture was taken next day. I used clairol textures and tones(cost N1800 a pack) after so many years of using Creme of Nature.

5. If you don't want to dye your hair, please use henna as a wash and set conditioner. Only thing is you won't need to leave it overnight or for hours as long as you would when you want to use as dye. Your hair would thank you for it and results are bouncy, thick, and dandruff free hair.

Anyway, find what works for your hair and stick to it. Natural hair isn't for everyone and you can have a healthy relaxed hair once you know what works. 
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Oh!, Fuel Tanker Seriously Crushed Car But Lucky Man Walks Out Unhurt (See Photos)

The lucky man, who took to his page to express gratitude, walked away unhurt as a fuel laden tanker crushed his car along the Onitsha-Enugu expressway.

This is a miracle!. All thanks to God for the saved life..
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Meet Couple With 13 Children Birth Quadruplets In Sokoto (Photo)

The birth of a set of quadruplets in Ilella Local Government Area of Sokoto State has ignited an enthralling atmosphere in the area, just as their coming has brought immense goodwill and support to their parents.

For 45-year-old Malam Lawali Ibrahim and 35-year-old Malama Shafa’atu, parents of the four healthy baby girls, it is a rare excitement to have quadruplets. Their faces showed rapturous bliss as they spoke on their new source of joy delivered on Monday, August 7, 2017 at Illela town.

Having quadruplets is noted to be a rare occurrence, it is therefore not surprising that Lawali’s residence on the outskirts of Illela is now a celebrated house with virtually everyone in the town identifying with the parents.

Beaming with smiles, Malama Shafa ‘atu narrated her experience to Daily Trust.

“One came first, followed by two in a bag and then the fourth came,” she said.

She recounted how at the early stage of the pregnancy, there was confusion on whether she was carrying a pregnancy or not.

“After a series of tests during my antenatal visits to the hospital, some medical personnel told me I was not carrying any pregnancy, contrary to the finding of my family doctor that I was pregnant. What baffled me was the fact that I was having my monthly menstruation even when my family doctor confirmed that I was pregnant until after five to six months when the pregnancy started growing,” she said.
She said during her antenatal visits, she was told that she was carrying twins. The quadruplets are not the couple’s first children, they have 13 other children-eight males and five females.

Source: Daily Trust
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Story of Barber Who Rapped Customers Mother (Of Four) In Lagos State

For the last five years, 30-year-old Bassey Victor, has been working as a barber in a shop along Raji Oba, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos State. For those five years, Rachael’s husband and three of her four children have been part of his loyal customers.

They referred to him as their family barber. Rachael (not real name) is a trader married to a Delta State indigene, a businessman who often travelled for days, entrusting the care of the home and children in the hands of his wife.

But sometime in March, while her husband travelled out of Lagos for work, she became a victim of a heinous crime she could not have imagined would ever happen to her.

Rachael sounded strong initially, as she told Punch correspondent her story in the office of the Esther Child Rights Foundation she had run to for help.

But midway into her story, her strong façade cracked, spilling out the evidence of her trauma. She cried. The tears spilled out in torrents.

Rachael did not have to explain all the physical and psychological trauma that had been brought upon her since that afternoon in March. Her expression alone told a million stories.

She said, “He (Bassey) was so familiar with my family that he once even approached my husband, pleading with him to open a barber’s shop for him.

“Around December, my husband took his clipper to the barber to have a haircut and it seemed it did not work well. He left it with Bassey to have it repaired. I asked for the clipper back because it had been there for too long and he said he needed money for the repairs. My husband gave him the money.

“Sometimes, when I took my three boys there to have a haircut, I would leave them with him. He would cut their hair and send them home.

“There was a time I noticed an infection on the head of one of them and I asked if he was using our clipper but the children said they did not know.

“I then asked Bassey for the clipper. He gave some excuses that it still did not work well after the repair. The last time I asked, that day in March, he told me that the clipper was at home.”

Bassey, who lived a short distance from his shop, allegedly told Rachael that he had something to do along his residence and he could stop by and get her the clipper.

“When we got to the house, I stayed at the entrance as he went inside. His younger brother was at home. While I waited outside, he spoke in their dialect to his younger brother. The boy then went out.

“While I stood, he was going about as if he was trying to locate the clipper. His younger brother lingered around outside too. He then spoke to the boy again in their dialect. The boy suddenly pushed me inside the house. Before I knew what was happening, Bassey had locked the door.

“I was initially confused because I had no idea what he was trying to do. I asked him if he was mad. I was so angry I was looking for any object around the room to just hit him and injure him.

“He then said he had something to tell me. I asked what he wanted to tell me that he could not say while I was outside and had to tell his younger brother to push me inside.

“He said he had wanted to tell me for a long time that he had feelings for me. I told him he must be stupid because he knew I was married and knew my husband. He suddenly grabbed me and I screamed for help. He punched me till I found it difficult to struggle with him any longer.

“He tore my dress and my underwear as he slammed me on the bed. When he was done raping me, he let me unlock the door but I made sure I took the torn underwear with me.”

Rachael said when she stepped outside the apartment, she then realised why nobody came when she screamed. She said the compound was deserted.

Two weeks passed after the incident. Rachael cried alone at home. She could not leave the house. She waited for her husband to arrive from his journey. It was not a discussion that could be made on the phone.

When she narrated what transpired to her husband, he immediately called his family members.

For Rachael, who is a Yoruba woman, her troubles were not over.

She was mandated to undergo a cleansing ritual in her husband’s hometown in Delta State.

It was learnt that without the ritual, she would never be allowed to cook for her children or husband and neither can he ever have intercourse with her.

“They said I would bring calamity over my husband and children and may cause their death,” she said.

Rachael said she ran around to find N300,000 which was used for the rituals.

Meanwhile, the case was reported at the Ipaja Police State, Moshalashi.

One Inspector Omoh was assigned to it as investigating officer. Bassey was arrested and later arraigned at the Ogba Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, for rape.

He was granted a N500,000 bail along with other conditions which he could not meet for two weeks and so, remained in the Kirikiri Prisons.

It was learnt that while the case was ongoing, more revelations about Bassey emerged.

Rachael said an old woman and her daughter came to her house to beg her one night. She later realized that the daughter was living in Bassey’s house as his “wife.”

“The woman said I should forgive him. She then said, ‘Is it not the same way he raped this one (her daughter) and impregnated her before her father sent her out to live with him (Bassey)? I was shocked. I told them the matter was not in my hands anymore,” Rachael said.

But again, this was not the end of Rachael’s problems.

She told Punch correspondent that she had become a laughing stock on the street as some neighbours now call her “Bassey’s wife.”

According to her, when Bassey met his bail conditions and left the prison custody, he started to spread the story around the neighbourhood, making people to jeer at her.

“Sometimes, some people who knew me would come to my house and tell me they heard some bad things about me and ask me what really happened. Everybody expected me to start telling them how he raped me. I have become a symbol of shame. I cannot count the number of times I have seen people, pointing and laughing at me on the street when I pass by,” she said.

However, after an adjournment, a postponed sitting because of holiday and another sitting in which Bassey was never brought to court from prison, Rachael alleged that the prosecutor, Inspector Ayorinde Ezekiel, told her that the next adjournment was Monday, August 28.

Before then, Ezekiel had allegedly approached Bassey and her husband with a strange instruction.

“The prosecutor asked me that if the family of Bassey gave me N300,000, would I accept it? He later told me that five per cent of whatever they pay me would be his. I told my husband about it and he decided to call the prosecutor. I asked him to tell Mr. Ezekiel that whatever they decide to pay, they should take it to court,” Rachael said.

On August 28, Bassey and her husband went to court and were told that the case had been heard on August 21 and had been struck out.

When she called the prosecutor to find out what happened, Ezekiel told her it was struck out by the magistrate because she did not appear that day.

Bassey’s family now suspect that Ezekiel deliberately gave them a wrong date so that he could tell the court to strike out the case.

They believe he had been bribed by Bassey and his family.

On the part of the investigating police officer, Omoh, he told Rachael that he did not know why the case was struck out too, saying he was not in court that day (August 21).

Omoh said it was strange that the court could strike out a case simply because the plantiff (Rachael) was not in court on a single sitting.

Saturday Punch learnt that after advice from family, Rachael had to go to the hospital to have herself tested. She took the test report which showed some staphylococcus infection.

Punch correspondent reached out to Ezekiel about Rachael’s allegations but the prosecutor insisted that there was no truth to all her claims.

He said, “Did she tell you that I gave you the wrong date? It is not possible for any prosecutor to make an allegation to a court to strike out his own case. No prosecutor will do that.

“She will not tell you the truth of the matter. She cannot stand before me and say these things she has told you. She is the one who forgot the date. I was trying to reach out to her about the day of the sitting but there was no way.

The case was mentioned and I tried to defend the case that she was on her way but the magistrate opened the file and said the case was too long and that if she (Rachael) was still interested, she could go back and make further arrest and bring him (Bassey) back to court.

“When the matter was struck out, she came later and I told her it had been struck out. I asked why she was not in court and she said ‘somebody’ gave her another date. I told her that was not the end of the case. I asked her to go back to the station and that she could still get the man rearrested. I refuse to be provoked this morning about what she told you.”

Asked about the N300,000 ‘settlement’ offer he allegedly made to the woman, the prosecutor said, “You are a man. If your wife was raped, would you collect money? They (Rachael and her husband) were the ones who came to me and said the family of the man were begging with N300,000. How could I have gone to meet the other party and told them to bring money?

“I told her that if they wanted to pay her money, she should take it because the case had no substance and no evidence. You said they raped you but you have no evidence; that was why I told her to collect the money.”

The investigating police officer (Omoh), who expressed surprise that the case had been struck out, has told Rachael to get herself a dedicated lawyer. He has also told her that anytime she wanted Bassey rearrested, he would make the arrest.

Bassey has refused to react to all the allegations against him by Rachael. When our correspondent spoke with him, he said he could only give a full account of what really transpired the day Rachael followed him to get the clipper in a court and if he was re-arraigned.

He said, “If they dare get me rearrested and charged to court, only then would I narrate everything that happened.
She said I had been abusing her around the neighbourhood and people are making jest of her. But she is the one who has been spreading falsehood about me. The same people she has been telling the story are the ones making jest of her.”

Asked if there was any kind of relationship between them as being rumoured in their neighbourhood, Bassey said none existed beyond the fact that he was Rachael’s children’s barber.

The Executive Director of Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, explained that there was the danger that more victims of rape might never summon the courage to speak out when they realize that cases of victims like Rachael never got resolved.

She said, “We were approached to take up the case by a sympathizer who heard about it and felt she might never get justice.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the justice  is being served in this case. We believe the prosecutor has a lot to explain about how a case could be dismissed simply because the plantiff who had never missed a court date did not appear.

The question is, what did he tell the court at the hearing which the victim and her husband did not have the opportunity to attend because they were given a different date?
At this point we can only call on the police to make a rearrest and charge the suspect to court because if cases like this are handled this way, the outside world would continue to view us as a country where laws don’t matter.
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Man While Buying Mushrooms For His Pasta Ends Up Winning $5M

A case of missing mushrooms led one man to walk away with $5 million in winnings from the New York Lottery.

John Lewis, 56, of Saranac Lake, New York, stopped by a local market in June to gather some last-minute ingredients for dinner before starting his bartending shift.

After making his purchase, Lewis was given $10 in change, so, on a whim, he decided to buy a Set For Life scratch-off ticket from a vending machine at the market. “I never put money in those things,” he said. “What possessed me to be in that store at that time with just the right amount of money in my hand for that machine I will never know. I have been asking myself that question over and over for days. In the end, though, I’m just glad it was me.

It turned out to be one of the best spontaneous purchases he’d ever make—the ticket netted him the top prize of $5 million (and all but ensuring him that he will never be low on the spaghetti sauce again). Lewis didn’t choose to receive the lump total, instead, he literally set himself up for life by choosing to get his prize money in $172,068 annual installments for as long as he lives. That means that if he happens to live another 60 years, his winnings can double to more than $10 million. Regardless, even if he passes tomorrow, his estate is guaranteed at least $5 million.

Lewis immediately quit his bartending job in Lake Placid after verifying the ticket was a legitimate winner. But flights on private jets or trips to the Las Vegas Strip aren’t on his itinerary just yet—Lewis said that instead of radically uplifting his life, he’s going to use his winnings to help a family member pay medical bills, buy some property and go skiing, Lewis told WCAX.

“I was planning on working at something till the day I died,” he said. “This may open a few more doors, but we’re happy with the life we have. It’s a good life.”
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Some Hiding Facts About Africa

There is so much about Africa that not everybody knows, even some of those who are from and live in Africa did't know it. Below are some things most people don't know about Africa.

Africa is Home to One of the Oldest Universities in the World
The University of Timbuktu is one of the oldest universities in the world, established in 982 CE. After Timbuktu was occupied in the 1591 Battle of Tondibi, the University went into decline and many of the University’s scholars were killed or exiled.

The World’s Biggest Frog is Found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon 
The world’s biggest frog, also called the Goliath Frog or Conraua Goliath, which can grow up to a foot long and weighs up to 8lb, has a small habitat range in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. The number of this species has dwindled over the years because of habitat destruction and its collection for food and pet trade. The frogs have now been classified as an ‘endangered species’.

Sudan Has More Than 200 Pyramids, Which is Double the Number Found in Egypt 
The Nubian pyramids in Sudan were built by the rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdom. The pyramids are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Approximately 255 pyramids were constructed at the three sites in Nubia (Kerma, Napata and Meroe) over a period of some hundred years. The Meroe pyramids, which were part of the Nubian Kingdom of Kush, are believed to be up to 4,600 years old.

Africa is the Only Continent to Extend From the Northern Temperate Zone to the Southern Temperate Zone 
Africa is considered the world’s hottest continent and the second driest continent after Australia. It is four times the size of Europe, and its straighter shores means it has a shorter overall coastline.
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Hilarious; How a Guy Was Carried In Liberia In Celebration of His Graduation (See Photos)

Lol, Funny but lovely right?
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48 Seized Houses Been Returned To Timipre Sylva By EFCC

During the administration of former president, Goodluck Jonathan in 2013, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) seized houses belonging to Timipre Sylva, the former governor of Bayelsa State, but now it has been returned back to him.

EFCC seized 48 choice property belonging to former Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Timipre Sylva, in January 2013 because he was being prosecuted at a Federal High Court in Abuja for alleged misappropriation of N6.46 billion state funds when he was governor of the state.

Some other assets belonging to the former governor include a mansion at 3 River Niger Street, plot 3192 Cadastral zone AO, Maitama District Abuja; nine units (comprising six one bedroom and 3 two bedroom apartments) at 8 Sefadu Street Wuse zone 2, plot 262 Cadastral zone AO2, Wuse Abuja; and 2 units duplexes at 5 Oguta Street, plot 906 Cadastral zone Wuse 11 Abuja.
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Super Eagles of Nigeria Defeated Cameroon Indomitable Lions 4 - 0

Nigeria took a big step towards qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, with a comprehensive 4-0 win over Cameroon yesterday, at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium,Uyo.

Following goals From Odion Ighalo, John Obi Mikel, Victor Moses and Kelechi Iheanacho powered the Super Eagles past the Indomitable Lions who showed promises at the beginning of the game but failed to end it well.

Nigeria remain top of Group B with '9 points', seven more than the Indomitable Lions, who they will travel to Yaounde to face in the reverse leg on Monday.
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Man Takes Tiger For A Walk In Russia Putting Pedestrians In Fear (Photos)

Pedestrians were in fear when a man taking his pet Tiger for a walk in the centre of a Russian city.

Jaw-dropping footage shows the man walking his big cat on a lead in the city of Samara in southwest Russia.

A shocked witness filmed the scene while traveling in a passing car. Some people believe the man seen walking the beast could be the circus artist and animal trainer, Artur Bagdasarov.

Other pictures show the huge animal having a rest and lying down on a zebra crossing. The tiger seemed to be calm, and no one was reported to have been hurt.

But one internet user slammed the owner for not using a muzzle on the animal.

'Alexander Grishchenko' said: 'They have money to maintain a tiger, but they have no money for a muzzle.'

See more photos below..

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Photos of Governor Okorocha as He Watches Super Eagles Vs Cameroon Match Yesterday

See man was reportedly watching the match yesterday. See more photos below...

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Tennis Star, Serena Williams Welcomes Baby

Popular Tennis player, Serena Williams have welcomed her patter of tiny feet - (A baby girl) with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

The birth comes in the middle of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, which Williams is missing for the first time since 1998.

Congratulations to them... You're welcome new boby baby.
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World’s Shortest & Smallest Woman, Jyoti Amge Gets Married (See Photo)

World’s smallest and shortest woman according to research, Jyoti Amge is now finally married to the love of her life and the man she is willing to spend the rest of her life with in the holy matrimony.

Jyoti Amge, who was born on 16th December 1993 as an Indian woman notable for being the world’s smallest living woman base on report.

Following Amge’s 18th birthday on December 21, 2011, she was officially declared the world’s smallest woman by Guinness World Records with a height of '62.8 centimeters (2 ft 0.6 in)'. Her restricted height is due to a growth abnormality called 'achondroplasia'.

Congrats to her.. Happy married life.
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Full List Of Nigerian Institutions That Have Released Their Entrance Forms For 2017/2018

With the announcement of JAMB 2017 cut-off marks, many schools have started rolling out their Post-UTME forms.

This list will be updated as other schools announce their 2017/2018 Post-UTME registrations. You are therefore advised to visit this thread regularly to know when your school of choice has been added to the list.

Below are the list of schools that has so far announced their Post-UTME registration for 2017/2018 academic session.

UNIUYO Post UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

YSU Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Marks, Screening And Registration Details

Nwafor Orizu College Of Education Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

BUK Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Marks, Screening And Registration Details

UNIMAID Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

FUOYE Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

UNICAL Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening and Registration Details

UI Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

FUTO Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

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I'm Never In A Serious Relationship With Her - Ezekiel Elliott Told NFL About Acucser

Ezekiel Elliott told NFL investigators he was NEVER in a serious, exclusive relationship with the woman accusing him of domestic violence. She was just one of many chicks he was nailing.

Problem there is that, the NFL says his text messages tell a completely different story.

It's all spelled out in the NFL's 199 page investigative report on Zeke, dated June 6, 2017.

In the section titled, "Background of the Relationship" - the NFL says Tiffany Thompson described their relationship as "boyfriend/girlfriend."

But Elliott told investigators, "She was just one of the many girls he was having sex with."

Zeke explained, "they 'liked each other,' 'cared about each other,' but were never in a 'relationship,' she was never his 'girlfriend.'"

The NFL says that's a lie, things were so serious between the two, Elliott told Tiffany in text messages he loved her and wanted to marry her.

"In numerous text messages recovered, Mr. Elliott told Ms. Thompson he loved her and that he had had sex with other girls but she was the one he loved."

"In others, he talked about how he didn’t know why he fell in love with her, how he missed her after one day apart."

"In others, he referred to her as his 'girlfriend,' told her that he didn’t think he would ever find anyone better to have a 'relationship' with, and at one point after she had said they should break up because they were fighting so much, he said, 'Maybe we should take a break. I’m not ready to commit & don’t want to put you through this anymore.' 'I hope one day when you come back to me I’ll be your husband.”

There was also a discrepancy about when the two lived together. Thompson said she moved in with Zeke in Fall 2015 and stayed with him until Jan 2016.

Both Zeke and his father told police she never lived with him,  but Thompson was able to produce written documentation and a car insurance bill that proved she lived at his address.

The league says the inconsistency may have to do with everyone's definition of what "living together" means .

Bottom line; the NFL says it was able to determine that Zeke and Thompson were in an intimate relationship at the time of the alleged violence incident in July 2016, which would qualify the matter as "domestic violence."
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