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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another Bobrisky Is Here, Meet Young Boy Who Is Ready To Dethrone Bobrisky With His Hot Woman Assets (Photos)

the young boy

Damn! Brother And Sister… Endtime Is Here! See some ladies’ goals in life… Meet this young man flaunting his curves all over the internet… I am sure his DM is full.

the young boy 1

Pictures were shared by Ahwe Vera Williamz, and it was captioned;

"Fine boy like dis my hrt is heavy
, bobrisky dont evn luk as curvy as dis. All u had to do was date a slim chick nd see hw cute u both wud av looked buh".

See some photos below..

the young boy 2

the young boy 3

the young boy 4

the young boy 5

the young boy 6
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Prayer of The Day!

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[VIDEO HIGHLIGHT] Sydney FC 0 – 2 Arsenal (2017 International Friendlies)

Arsenal recorded a comfortable victory over Sydney FC to begin their pre-season campaign, with Alexandre Lacazette making a dream debut.

Alexandre Lacazette made a stunning start to his Arsenal career by scoring on his debut to wrap up a 2-0 victory over Sydney FC.

Download and Enjoy!

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Common Retirement Mistakes People Do

It is important to start preparing for retirement early to avoid being tragically unprepared when the time comes. In the process of retirement preparation, it is also important to note the retirement mistakes most commonly made.

Below are some common retirement mistakes people make.

1). Relocating Without Knowing the Place.
Most people decide to move to a more rural setting when they retire, because they consider it quieter and more relaxed than the city life they’ve had. Some also do it to be closer to their families. However, the mistake most people make is not knowing the area they are moving too well, so what was intended to be a relaxing getaway becomes a stressful experience that defeats the point of relocating. Rather than relocating immediately to a new place, first rent an apartment in the area and get a feel of the place for at least a year. If you are satisfied with your experience then you can consider buying property there and relocating completely.

2). Not Knowing What To Do With Your Time.
A lot of people spend time trying to figure out what to do with their money after retirement, but few people think of what to do with their time. If you don’t have a plan on how to spend your time after retirement, it can make the process a bit more difficult, because you might find yourself feeling useless and even depressed about it at some point. Try to find a hobby or side job that you enjoy, that won’t be too stressful or place too much of a demand on you, and use it to occupy yourself after retirement. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will automatically be happier after retirement, because boredom and the feeling of uselessness can easily taint that happiness. Most times, retirement is not what people actually want, even though they spend all their time dreaming of it, they actually just want to finally do something they can enjoy and have more control over.

3). Falling Into The Temptation of ‘Post-Retirement Spending Hike’.
Though many retirees intend to spend less after retirement, they actually end up spending more in their first few years of retirement. This is mainly because of the excitement of finally ‘being free!’. You, therefore, see these retirees begin to do things they’ve always been ‘dying to do’ without really minding the cost. It is important for people to take note of this possible spending hike and use a budget to efficiently plan for it. You must stick to the budget and agree to let go of anything you know you won’t be able to realistically afford. It’s better to be responsible with your money and avoid regrets later.

4). Keeping Too Many Cars.
At some point, you need to ask yourself what exactly you are doing with four cars as a retiree. If you don’t have a good reason for keeping so many cars, you should sell the extra cars, hire someone to use the car for a cab business for you, or give them out to your children, grand children, friends etc. You should also consider that as you get older, walking instead of driving has added health and fitness benefits for you.

5). Underestimating Future Cost of Living.
This is why you should always have a retirement plan laid down. Typically, people underestimate the money they would need to comfortably live on after retirement. This is mainly because they don’t plan for retirement according to their spending habits; they instead plan with the belief that their spending habits would have been reformed by the time they retire, only to find out that is not the case. The general rule of retirement is to set aside 65 to 70% of your current household budget, then factor in every likely and possible expense you would ever incur, even if they seem far-fetched. You need to plan realistically and consider contingencies and unexpected costs.
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"How I'm Blessed With 4 Children By God Despite Doctors Saying I Can’t Have Any" - Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Coza Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo today revealed how a doctor had told him, himself and his wife will be unable to have children, but today they have four to the glory of God. He shared the good news via social media with the photo below..


fatoyinbo 1
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Popular Singer, Beyoncé Puts Her Post-Baby Body on Display After One Month of Welcoming Twins (See Photos)

The singer is already looking fit and fabulous after welcoming twins Rumi and Sir just a month ago. She stepped out for a low-key event celebrating Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa with husband, Jay Z by her side- it’s their event tho- Roc Nation.

Beyoncé Post-Baby Body

At the listening party, the couple hung in the VIP area, and seemed happy and relaxed.
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Some Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

The importance of knowing what to do in times of uncertainty or emergency can never be overemphasized.

Here are some safety tips that could save your life.

1). Save Emergency Numbers
Especially when traveling to new places or environments, you must always know what the local emergency numbers are and have them saved on your phone (have them on speed dial, if possible). Additionally, if you’re traveling overseas, research the phone numbers and address of embassies or consulates you can run to in case of an emergency. Be sure to also review the escape routes of wherever you are at all times. Also, never joke with your security and if you notice any suspicious movement wherever you are, raise an alarm or try to get away from the place to a more public place. Avoid brushing it off as nothing, until you’re absolutely sure it’s nothing.

2). Ensure You Have Remote Wipe Capabilities Set For Your Smart Devices.
This should be especially important to you when traveling because that can be considered a vulnerable period for you. You should ensure remote wipe capabilities are set up for your smartphones, smart devices and even car electronics (if you’re using a private car that has one) so that you can easily erase their contents if they are stolen.

3). If You Have a Physical Car Key, Carry it in Your Hand When Walking in a Parking Lot.
This is to reduce the amount of time it takes to get into your car and start it when in the parking lot, to reduce exposure to car theft or even kidnapping. It should mainly be done at night. In addition, you should not dangle the car key in your hand so someone doesn’t just snatch them from you; you should hold them in your palm and make a fist with them, with some part of the key maybe protruding between your knuckles. Aside keeping your key safe, this can serve as a makeshift weapon for you in case of an attack or emergency.

4). Always Hang Up and Call Back at a Pre-Known Number, Any Call Asking For Private Information or For You To Take Risky Action.
If you receive a call that claims to be from your bank about a potential fraud on your account, you should immediately hang-up and call the bank’s known customer care number to confirm the claims are true. Also, if you’re lodged in a hotel and you receive a call to your room from a hotel staff about a problem with your account or about your room needing repairs or something, you should always hang-up and call the known front-desk number to confirm if this is actually true. Don’t just oblige any request for you to provide private information or make yourself available without first confirming from a pre-known and definitely authentic number, if that is actually the case.

5). Block People’s View of Your Hand When Entering PIN Numbers, Alarm Codes etc.
You might think this is being paranoid, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s funny that people do not realize that in the age of smartphones and other advanced technology, people can be surreptitiously recording them. People can also purposely pay close attention to the movement of your hand so they can later track you, steal your card (if it’s a debit card PIN number you’re entering) and get access to your account through their mastery of the movement of your hand while entering your PIN. In addition, you should also check the card reader of ATM machines and if they appear to have been tampered with, find another machine to use.
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Tennis Star, Serena Williams Says She Never Played Tennis For Money

Serena Williams, 35, recently told Uninterrupted exactly how she handled her first million dollar check, which she says she “never touched.”

Serena Williams

“I just put it in the bank and I just remember I went through the drive through to deposit my check,” she said. “They were like, ‘I think you need to come in for this.’ So I ended up going inside.”

She continued, “I should have taken a picture of it. Selfies didn’t exist back then.”

As Williams’ career took off, so did her finances, but the expectant mother says it was just a byproduct of her passion for tennis.

“I’ve actually never played for money. I thought you would just go out there and you would hold a trophy,” she said. “Not once did I think about a check. In fact, when I first turned pro, you had to go pick up your check.”

“At the end of the year, the tournament directors would literally hand me the check because I would never go get it,” she said. “I just played for the love of the sport.”

Williams is due to welcome her first child in September, but that isn’t keeping her off the court.

Earlier this month, she posted a video of herself practicing.
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Inspirational Quote of The Day!

Inspirational Quote of The Day

Stay in faith, and all impossibles will be possible.
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Check Out This Lovely Pre-Wedding Photos Of A Cute Doctor and A Beautiful Nurse

Pre-Wedding Photos

This cute doctor and his pretty Nurse fiancee are set to tie the knot. Good together!. See more photos below...

Pre-Wedding Photos 1

Pre-Wedding Photos 2 /></center>
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Sport: Chelsea Insist On Signing Morata After Losing Out On Lukaku


One month away from the start of the 2017/2018 football season, reigning champions Chelsea are still without a striker after coach Antonio Conte unceremoniously dispensed of the services of prolific hitman, Diego Costa.

The Blues were looking to sign Romelu Lukaku but were beaten to the deal by Manchester United.

As a result, the London club have now turned their attentions to Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata and are ready to offer around £70million for the 24-year old.

Morata 1

The Spaniard who scored 20 goals last season is unhappy at Madrid where his first team opportunities are limited and will consider making the switch to Chelsea where he will be tasked with leading the line.

Chelsea are willing to offer him a deal worth more than the £115,000 per week he earns at the Bernabeu.
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Take a Look at This Funny Facebook Post

As seen in Facebook. Hilarious.
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Toke Makinwa Shows Off Her Nipples In New Bedroom Photos With Skimpy Swimsuit

Toke Makinwa

The Media Personality is sure having fun in Ibiza. See other photos below..

Toke Makinwa 1

Toke Makinwa 2
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See Photo Of Dino Melaye and Senator Adeleke as They Both Greet With A High Five

We think they have few things in common; lively, go getters, carefree people; they take life lightly. Bubbling dads, fast to dance, and the list is endless!.

Dino Melaye and Senator Adeleke

Please light up the house!. [Smiles!
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Serena Williams Puts Her Baby Bump on Display as She Rocks a Navy Blue Minidress (See Photo)

Serena Williams Baby Bump

Despite being about seven months along, Serena Williams continues to radiate her signature glow and bubbly attitude. She took to Instagram to share pictures of her sizeable baby bump clad in a petit navy blue dress and Pregnancy sure looks good on her.
See full photo below..

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Ex-Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu Says He Will Lead War If Igbos Are Touched

Ex-Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, was a guest on AIT recently where he reacted to the October 1st ultimatum issued to Igbos residing in the North by a coalition of Arewa Youths Organization last month.

Orji Uzor Kalu

According to Daily Trust, Kalu said he would lead a war should any of the youths attempt to actualize the ultimatum.

The former governor said the Arewa youths who issued the ultimatum were only seeking for relevance and that the Igbos would only leave Nigeria if asked to by serious minded individuals.

“Anybody that touches any Igbo man in terms of saying that we should quit; the country will go into war, and I will lead the war if Igbos are touched. I do not believe that in 2017 we should be attacking each other. The quit notice means nothing. No reasonable northern elder will do that. Did Adamu Ciroma sign? Did Babangida sign? Did Abdulsalam sign? Aliko Dangote? When you say northern elders, I don’t know whether Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Kano, Emir of Zazzau and his likes are asking us to quit. If all these people come out and say we should quit, we will quit. We are not afraid of quitting, we have a place to go. But Nigeria’s unity is more important”he said.

He also described the call for secession by the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, as a waste of time.
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See Photos of Father of Two Who Steal Phone In Delta State as He Was Beaten and Made To Pose With It

the suspect

The father of two was made to pose with it, after they beat him blue-black. He snatched the phone around Agbor, In Delta State.
See photo below..

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

[VIDEO] Wale - Fine Girl Ft. Olamide & Davido

Wale Ft. Olamide + Davido – Fine Girl

Stand Up Naija, On A Wavy Level as the American Nigerian born rapper Wale hit back with the official music video for his hit record titled Fine Girl which features Olamide and DMW star Davido to present this excellent green White green Visuals for Fine Girl.

Fine Girl by Wale is off his Shine album. Directed by Patrick Ellis, cameo appearances features of Samklef, Kelvin BOJ and many more fine Girls is present in this dope video.

Download and Enjoy!

Click here to DOWNLOAD
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[MUSIC] Masterkraft Ft. Reekado Banks - I Go Dance

Masterkraft Ft. Reekado Banks - I Go Dance

The Unlimited Tape by Masterkraft is now out today for downloads on all digital platforms Here are two songs from the “UNLIMITED TAPE” “I GO DANCE featuring REEKADO BANKS and "YOU" featuring Kenya’s Superstar, Talented soulful Singer IVLYN MUTUA listening to this two songs would give you an insight on how much work MASTERKRAFT putted in the UNLIMITED TAPE,

“The masterpiece of musical work on the “UNLIMITED TAPE” shows and classifies the brand “Masterkraft” as one of Africa’s creative and more redefined producer with the amazing varieties of great genre tune consisting the body of work,.”

Download and Enjoy!

Click here to Download
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[MUSIC] D’tunes Ft. Wale Turner & Yonda - Ogogoro

D’tunes Ft. Wale Turner & Yonda -  Ogogoro

D’tunes – Ogogoro ft. Wale Turner & Yonda. Truly, this is a power packed jam as producer D’Tunes teams up with Wale Turner and DMW’s latest addition, Yonda on this record titled "Ogogoro".

The number, Ogogoro is co-produced by Lush Beatz.

Download and Enjoy!

Click here to DOWNLOAD
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Multiple Bomb Explosions In Maiduguri Killing 11

At least 11 persons were killed in multiple bomb explosions yesterday night in Maiduguri. A reliable security source, who pleaded anonymity, told NAN that the first and second explosions occurred at about 9.45 p.m. at Mulaikalmari, some six kms away from Maiduguri.

photo from the incident

The source said the persons, including the suicide bombers were killed in the attack.

The source added that security teams had been drafted to the affected areas to ascertain the situation. He disclosed those wounded referred to Special Hospital, Maiduguri for medical attention.

Chairman of the State Emergency Management Agency, Alhaji Satomi Ahmed, who confirmed the attacks, said his officials have been mobilised to the scenes. “Thanks to the hard work of our Emergency Response Teams we were able to put together a prompt response, ” he said
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See This Funny Tweets About The Way Nigerians Announce Their Pregnancy

See the funny reply below..

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Unknown Cultists Cut Off 2 Brothers Head, Killed Others In Rivers State (Photos)

Unknown cult gang members on Monday night invaded the Umudioga Community in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State killing at least five people including two brothers.

photo from the incident

The siblings identified as Emeka and Ifeanyi Wobo were beheaded by the suspected cultists in Rumuokpareli, Ibio/Akpo community.

Police Public Relations Officer Nnamdi Omoni confirmed that a rival gang invaded Omudioga which resulted a clash with another gang in the community leading to the death of people while several others sustained injuries.

Omoni who said some arrests have been made in relation to the clash advised people of the community to provide information to the police.

See photos below..

photo from the incident 1

photo from the incident 2

photo from the inciden 3

photo from the inciden 4
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Meet Ghanaian Man With 100 Children Who Still Wants More (Photos)

Yesterday was World Population Day - and one man in Ghana has 100 reasons to mark his particular contribution. Kofi Asilenu, 80, is the father of 100 children by 12 wives.

the man and his children

He lives with his family in a village called Amankrom, a 45-minute drive from the capital Accra.

His family make up a third of the 600 people in the village.

He told BBC that he wanted a big family because he did not have siblings:

''I don’t have any brother or uncle, that’s why I decided to have many children so that they can give me a befitting burial when I die. In my home town if you give birth to one child they will say you are not important so I want to have many children."

Asilenu says he might have more children.

His big family has, however, come at a cost. He says that he was well off financially, but his resources have mostly been drained due to the cost of raising such a large brood - even though he says now he gets financial help from his children.

Kofi Asilenu looks physically strong and even says he is willing to have more children - despite having mistakenly proposed to one of his daughters three years ago.

The embarrassing incident meant he was forced to apologise to her, explaining that he had an eye problem so he could not recognise her.

As for his wives, they are all happy with the set up.

First wife Nayome Asilenu told the BBC:
When I married my husband and he decided to marry more women, I didn’t have any option. He’s able to take care of us, pay the children’s school fees. They are healthy and strong so there’s nothing wrong with that."

Polygamy was preferred in Ghana, to have many children was seen as a symbol of wealth. However, things have changed with women having more control on deciding how many children they can have and also birth control measures have been promoted.
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Sad: Ivorian Footballer, Eugene Koffi Kouame Dies as He Collapsed on Pitch In Abidjan (Photo)

The Ivorian football federation has been struck with another major blow after 29-year-old Eugene Koffi Kouame who plays for Turkish side Egirdirspor died after collapsing during a football match at Koumassi Stadium in Abidjan South.

Eugene Koffi Kouame

The striker was said to have been playing a football match with a group of friends on Monday, when he passed out and was rushed to a hospital. But emergency treatment failed to revive him. It was later confirmed that he had passed away.

Confirming the sad news, his club in a statement indicated that Kouma suffered a heart attack and died on Monday.

”It is while wanting to maintain the form with buddies and other footballers at the economic capital, that he met the death due to a heart attack,”reads the statement published by French news outlet, First Magazine.

Kouame's death comes a month after fellow Ivorian player, Cheick Tiote, also collapsed and died during a training session with Chinese side Beijing Enterprises.
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Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh Says She's A Born Again Christian

Tonto Dikeh

A seen on her IG page this morning;

I am a proud Born again Christian..
Christianity isn't religion to me it's a way of Living..
Am soaked in Gods Strength,No weapon formed fashioned against me or my son or my workers can/Shall prosper In Jesus Name Amen..
Even when the devil tries he knows he already lost with TONTO..
The day I gave my life to God the kingdom of darkness Knew that trouble awaits them,the kingdom of God took their best player..
Never trade the presence of God for anything.. #MAMAKING #KINGTONTO #Papi荘 #celeratingmyhappiness #protectingmyhappiness #RADICAL4JESUS

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Deaf and Dumb Man Been Sent to 5 Years Jail Over Peddling of Indian Hemp (See Photo)

A Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos State, has sentenced a 23-year-old deaf and dumb man, Abbas Ahmed to five years imprisonment for selling Indian hemp.

the suspect

A statement signed by the spokesperson for the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mr Ofoyeju Mitchell, said that Ahmed was arrested by the police on February 5, 2014.

He was picked up along Agege motor park road, Lagos while dealing in cannabis, a narcotic drug similar to cocaine contrary to and punishable under Section 11(c) of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Act Cap N30 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2001.

After a protracted trial which led to engagement of the services of an interpreter by the court to communicate with him, Abbas recently pleaded guilty as charged, and the prosecuting counsel, Barrister Jeremiah Aernan, asked to court to apply the punishment prescribed by the law.

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old security guard, Adebowale Michael was also jailed for five years for dealing in cocaine.

Michael was arrested with four pinches of cocaine weighing 0.7 grams at Oniru Estate, Lekki Ajah Lagos by patriotic youths in February 2017.

The convict was first handed over to the police and later transferred to the NDLEA where he was charged to court for unlawful dealing in cocaine contrary to and punishable under the NDLEA Act.

Both convicts pleaded with court to temper justice with mercy, considering their ages and for being first time offenders.

The presiding judge, Justice Rilwan Aikawa, in his ruling, said cocaine trafficking was an international crime that had smeared the reputation of the country and must be seriously dealt with. He therefore sentenced each convict to five years in jail.

The NDLEA Chairman, retired Col Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah, commended the youths that arrested Adebowale, and urged of the public not to fold their hands while drug traffickers were making the society unsafe and insecure.
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Ali Sheriff Been Sacked as PDP Chairman, Makarfi Got Reinstates

The Supreme Court this morning sacked Ali Sheriff as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Ali Sheriff

The court then declared Ahmed Makarfi, the caretaker committee chairman, as the authentic leader of the PDP, Nigeria’s largest opposition party.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Check Out This 6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Laptop

We’ll all need a laptop at some point in our lives and there are some broad guidelines you should keep in mind when buying a laptop so you can buy the right one.

Below are 6 of these broad guidelines to help you out.

1). The Screen
When buying a laptop, be sure to go for the laptop that gives you the best screen within your price range. A good screen typically considers three things: resolution, viewing angles and size. Laptops with higher resolution screens are generally the best ones to choose. For portability, smaller screens are better, but if you intend to use the laptop for entertainment and architectural or artistic functions, then a bigger screen is best. Lastly, in terms of viewing angles, a laptop screen that touts IPS (in-plane switching) technology offers the widest viewing angles for the best user comfort.

2). Screen Quality
You should consider laptops that are comfortable to look at because you are likely to be looking at it for quite some time during the day. Many laptops these days have touchscreens, but these touch screens tend to be glossy and glossy screens leads to reflections that negatively affect your eyes. You should therefore try to avoid these glossy screens and maybe opt for laptops that aren’t touchscreen, but if you must buy one go for the ones that don’t have glossy screens.

3). RAM
Typically, more RAM is better. For a decent laptop experience, 4GB RAM can be considered, but 8GB RAM is recommended. If you intend to do a lot of video and photo editing, you can consider buying one with 16GB RAM. More RAM allows for more applications to run at the same time, and for more data to be quickly accessible to the system at any one time. When buying a laptop, it’s always best to consider the ones with more RAM compared to others, within your favored price range.

4). Keyboard Quality
It’s advisable to choose a laptop with a keyboard that’s comfortable for you, rather than one that packs in every key and forces you to start hunting for keys. You should go for a keyboard with a comfortable layout with full sized keys and some space around the arrow keys. The keys should have a sort of ‘snappy responsiveness’ and should be easy on your fingers. When buying a laptop, it’s best to get a feel of the keyboard rather than ‘buying blind’ (asking someone to buy it for you or ordering online).

5). CPU
Intel’s Core-Based CPUs are one of the best to consider when buying a laptop. Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 offer some of the best performance when it comes to multitasking and multimedia tasks. However, for Core i7-based systems, though they offer the best performance for your laptop, the heat emitted from the base of the laptop tends to be a cause for concern if you plan to use the laptop for a long time.

6). Battery Life
Pay attention to the rating of the battery in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh); typically the larger the figures, the longer the battery can last.
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