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Friday, July 27, 2018

Photos:- Drunk Police Officer Shots Landlord's Daughter

The Cross River State Police Command has dismissed a Police Sergeant, Edu Nkanu, from Abu local government area of Cross River State.
Nkanu was dismissed for shooting his landlord’s daughter, Miss Victoria Ekpe, 32-year-old, to death at Joseph Mkpan estate, Ikot Ansa in Calabar.

The suspect, who was allegedly drunk, shot the victim with a locally made pistol when he came back.

An eyewitness said the victim was shot on the neck and that she died on the spot.

She alleged that the suspect was shouting “I feel like shooting somebody” and ended up shooting the victim.

Another eyewitness, Elizabeth Bassey, said Sergeant Nkanu came home drunk from a party and when she asked him why he always came home drunk, he brought out the pistol from his pocket and pointed it at her.

When Daily Post contacted the Police Public Relations Officer, Ms Irene Ugbo on phone on Wednesday, she said the suspect was tried and dismissed.

She said he would soon be tried in court of competent jurisdiction.

“The suspect was tried in the orderly room and was dismissed from service. He would soon be tried in court."
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Sad: Newly Elected APC Chairman, Ejiagwu Shot Dead In Imo (Photo)

Sunny Ejiagwu, the All Progressives Congress chairman in Ideato North Local Government of Imo state, has been murdered by gunmen suspected to be assassins in the early hours of Friday.
The police are going after the killers.

Ejiagwu, popularly known as Ohaneze, was one of the 27 LGAs chairmen inaugurated on Monday by the new state chairman, Daniel Nwafor, after the state APC rescheduled election as ordered by the court.

The state commissioner of police, Dasuki Galandanchi, who confirmed the murder, said that the corpse had been evacuated to a nearby mortuary.

According to the CP, the politician was killed along the Akokwa road in the Ideato North LGA.

The CP said “the APC chairman in Ideato North has been murdered. I was at the scene of the crime and only came back. His corpse has been evacuated to a mortuary.

"There is no preliminary suspicion but the investigator would find out. The blood of the innocent would expose them.”

Briefing newsmen at the state party secretariat, APC state chairman, Nwafor, said that the killing was condemnable.

He said that political killings and violence has no place in a democracy.

According to Nwafor; “The killing is condemnable because APC preaches peace and political tolerance. People should practice politics without bitterness and violence.

The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria guarantees freedom of association.

We, therefore, call on the Inspector General of police to press on the commissioner of police to nab the culprits. Imo is a peaceful state and an example of how politics should be played.

The deceased was in our meeting on Thursday and he expressed concern about political violence in his area. He told us that his area is volatile and called on us to come to his rescue when the need arises.

From the information made available to me, he was double-crossed and when he tried to move back he fell into the gutter. His killers went there and shot him severely."
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sad: Face of Nursing Student Raped And Stabbed To Death In Taraba (Photos)

A Facebook user, Alex Anthony has shared a sad story of  how a 300 level nursing student,Mercy Victor was allegedly gang-raped and stabbed to death  by unknown persons in Jalingo,Taraba state.
Alex wrote; A final year student of school of Nursing and midwifery Jalingo, has been messily raped to death.

Mercy who was a student of Midwifery 300level, meet the 3 evil men of keke riders around specialist and school of Nursing’s bridge who raped and stabbed her to death, when no person or security guard to rescue her on that moment.

The deadly incident happened when the late mercy was returning back to school on Sunday night around 10-11pm from town where she went for weekend.

According to an eye witness report, Mercy was raped, stabbed and later found swimming on her pool of blood and was later taken to the near by specialist hospital Jalingo where she later give up the ghost this morning Tuesday 5th June 2018.

Report also has it that, Mercy wasn’t the only victims of this unfortunate act by the suspected Keke riders, it was learned that this evil act has been happening but no security has been send to the area to help curb the security challenges affecting vulnerable students at that area.
See his post and other photo below..

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Photos as PDP Big Man's Reconcile

PDP big men are reconciling and they are happy about it. Recall Gbenga Daniel and Burundi Kashamu once fought dirty that Mr Daniel even accused the Senator of sending gunmen to kill him.

Kashamu also in the heat of the fight, also said Daniel is irrelevant and afraid of shadows.But today they made up, and their party man, Ben Bruce shared photos. We love… I mean we love peace, lol.

''While others are scattering, we are uniting, because the success of Nigeria is bigger than the ego of any individual,' Ben Bruce wrote.
See another photo below.. 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"I Am Grateful" - Dino Melaye's Full Statement as He Thanks Nigerians

Someone once said, that, rock bottom is good solid ground and a dead-end street is just a place to turn around.
In the last few weeks, I have been taken to the good solid ground at the rock bottom and they couldn’t go further. I have been brought to the dead-end street but with you standing by my side, I have turned around and bounced back to the chagrin of those who sought to seal my lips from speaking out against tyranny, politics of oppression and blackmail. They, unleashed an endless barrage of physical, psychological, metaphysical and emotional torture and assault on me, but, through the power of the Most High, and you the good people of Nigeria, we have once again, seen the triumph of truth over lies and good over evil.

2. It was Edmund Burke who was quoted as saying that when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, … in a contemptible struggle. I am of all men, a blessed man, to have courageous and dependable people like you as my fellow soldiers in the struggle to free us from the shackles of political strongholds and tyranny. It is to you and my most wonderful and ever knowledgeable people of Kogi State, especially Kogi West, that I owe my deepest gratitude. You stood by me against the state and your own ‘best political self-interest’.

3. The state unleashed its raw power on me and released a 200 man-strong fully armed policemen - on a man without a knife nor a bullet. It did this because I called injustice by its name and called for accountability. For this they sought to break my spirit and destroy me permanently. In their moment of reign, I was fully shackled. With my hands tied to my back, and hurled into a dark solitary confinement waiting for the butchers knife, you, my people stood by me. You came against a raging fire and stood up against tyranny, lies, filthy lucre, injustice, persecution and greed. While in the dark and unable to fight for myself, they sought to take my mandate, which you had freely given to me. But you answered back and quenched deceit in its wake. You stood resolute and unflinching and defended your mandate to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In their attempt to break me, they have made me stronger.

4. To you my indefatigable leaders; my irremovable President of the Senate, a man of immeasurable vision for Nigeria and true fighter for the enthronement of true democracy and the rule of law, Sen. (Dr.) Abubakar Bukola Saraki. The fearless Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, I thank you both for your steadfastness in the defence of the Nigerian Constitution and the enthronement of the Rule of Law, justice and equity and the emasculation of anti-democratic forces and tyranny everywhere in Nigeria. I am eternally grateful to you.

5. To the entire National Assembly Membership, especially my colleagues in the Senate, I am eternally indebted to you for not playing politics but standing courageously against oppression and terror. You have shown yourself leaders on whom Nigeria’s hope for tomorrow can be assured.

6. To you our governors, ministers, my dear Okun people and leaders, the National Chairman and Kogi State Executive of the PDP, leaders of the Diplomatic Corps, opinion leaders, Chief Mike Ozekhome SAN, Chief Ricky Tarfa SAN, human rights lawyers and activists, and all my well-wishers and lovers of democracy in Nigeria; the Christian and Muslim Community, all of you that visited me in the National Hospital, after I was injured and subsequently detained at the hospital. I thank you all for your steadfastness in the defence of due process and the rule of law. I also thank you for your courage and solidarity.

7. Our ever foresighted and courageous civil society leadership, the media, leaders of thought across the country, our hard-working youth for whom I will give my last blood, our loving mothers and sisters, I lack words to express to you my profound gratitude for the unbreakable chord of love that binds me to you through thick and thin. You have strengthened my resolve and hardened my flesh against those who seek to devour and make meat of me. You have once again proven to me the axiom in the saying that “in prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends." I am very grateful. For your sake, I remain unbowed.

8. I know many of you worry about my safety and life in this new dispensation where life is no longer sacred in Nigeria. But do not be troubled. My bond of love for you, my good people, makes it impossible for me to consider my self-risk, safety, comfort or opportunity in my unflinching commitment to stand up for you, to stand up for truth and if necessary die for the truth and the emancipation of our people from the chains of poverty and oppression. Though they raise spurious allegations against me, bear false witness against me, though they seek to frighten me and lure me into their bounty of evil, I will fear no foe.

9. Yes, my traducers and torturers wish that I keep quiet; though they seek to seal my lips, to silence my voice forever, I remain ever more resolute and committed. I am committed to this cause for which I am a politician; the cause of the down trodden, to speak truth to power and stand against oppression and injustice. On these issues there will be no compromise. I owe no apologies and I tender none.

10. Like I have always said, you speak the truth, you die, you don’t speak the truth, you die. I have chosen to speak the truth, dead or alive. Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr., once said, “Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politics? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.”

11. To my people, I promise you this and this only. I have taken my position, I will not hold back, I will not hold my peace, I will not be shut down, neither will I shut-up, not as long as injustice and falsehood continues to reign, as long as I will live, I will not bow to Baal.

12. May the Almighty continue to keep you all and be your bulwark until victory is assured. Once again, I thank you all so much.

13. God bless you.

14. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sen. Dino Melaye (SDM)
Kogi West
Chairman Senate Committee on FCT

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Couple Finally Dies Same Day After 61 Years Of Marriage (Photo)

For 61 years, a Northland couple lived happily ever after together. The pair were inseparable.
Even in death. Peter and Ruth Bedford both died on Monday, May 14, nine hours apart from each other, one year past their 60th anniversary.

"It's good they went together," daughter Caroline Bedford said. "They would have been completely lost without each other."

Bedford said her father was admitted to hospital on Saturday evening.

"I think Mum decided he wasn't coming back," she said.

"She died at 10am on Monday morning and I got a message to Dad. He followed her about nine hours later," she said.

Peter and Ruth Bedford, 86 and 83, were married on December 30, 1957.

Peter had emigrated to New Zealand, as a "10 pound pom", where he fell in love with Ruth, from Wellington.

He was a rural man and a deep thinker, she eventually became a law clerk. But the pair were perfect for each other, Bedford said.

The couple loved tramping together, music, and going to concerts.

"Mum had a philosophical, intellectual brain and she loved to debate. And Dad was a big thinker too."

"They loved animals and they loved their garden," Caroline Bedford said. "They should have entered them into competition they were so good."

The couple were well known in the Kaikohe community where they had lived since 1980, and were heavily involved in the A&P Show.

Before then, the Bedford family had been raised in rural Manawatu. Caroline remembered growing up with sheep, cows, horses, possums, magpies, white rats, cats and a dog.

"They were very rural people. Well, Dad was. Mum liked the arts and socialising," she said.

"They were both fiercely independent. But very kind and helpful, especially in their community.

The couple are survived by their three children Michael, Simon and Caroline, and two grandchildren.

"They were very proud of their children and their grandchildren, I know that," she said.

Caroline said her daughter Cadence, 31, had said: "My Grandad didn't speak much, but when he spoke people listened."

Their funeral is on Wednesday at Squire Funeral Services in Kaikohe.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tunde Balogun Finally Wins The Chairman of Lagos State APC

Alhaji Tunde Balogun has emerged the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos.
The Chairman of APC Congress Committee in the state, Senator Uche Ekwuenife, has earlier said there would be no voting during the exercise. Thus the new executives were picked based on affirmation by the delegates.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Law: Sharing Fake News In Kenya Now A Crime

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta has signed the controversial Computer and Cyber-Crimes Bill 2018 into law.

The Act – which spells out stiff punishment to cybercriminals – provides for timely and effective detection, prohibition, prevention, response, investigation and prosecution of computer and cybercrimes.

It deals with offences relating to computer systems including but not limited to unauthorised access, unauthorised interference, unauthorised interception, unauthorised disclosure of passwords, cyber espionage, false publications, child pornography, cyber terrorism and wrongful distribution of obscene or intimate images.

Following the passing of the Bill, generating and spreading fake news on social media could now land you in jail for at least five years, or leave you with millions of shillings to pay in court fines.

WhatsApp group administrators who condone sharing of fake news or information meant to incite ethnic hatred are also marked for severe punishment.

The Computer and Cyber Crimes Bill, 2018 sought to provide a framework that will prevent and control the threat of cyber crimes and other offences committed by means of computer systems.

One such crime is drafting, publishing and spreading false information, popularly known as “fake news.” The bill, tabled in the House by Majority Leader Aden Duale, proposed a Ksh.5 million fine or two years imprisonment for those found guilty of spreading fake news.

“Fake news is an offence under this bill, even when you receive fake news and forward it to another person, that’s an offence in this bill,” Duale had said.
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Cultists Reveals The Consequences of Putting on His Red Regalia

A member of the Eiye Confraternity, Azeez Idris, paraded by the Lagos State Police Command alongside 15 others, allegedly said whenever he puts on his red regalia it means that somebody must be killed.

The state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, during the parade said Azeez Idris, as the leader of the Eiye Confraternity in Ilasan, confessed to the killing of many citizens in that location.

“He told the police that once he puts on his red regalia it means that somebody must be killed.

I haven’t killed anyone since I was initiated in 2016

But the suspect denied, saying: “I am a member of Eiye cult confraternity. I was initiated in 2016 by a friend called Honey.

Since I became a member of the cult, I haven’t killed anyone. The clothes I wore while sleeping is what the police alleged is the cult uniform. “I have gone to prison before for a related offence.

I was in Kirikiri for over three months before I was released. Because the police officer knows my house that is why they came to my house to arrest me. “The police officer said we were the ones terrorizing the community. I am not the leader of the gang. The current leader of the gang, Jide, is serving a jail term, while the founding leader is Andrew.

“Members of the gang usually contribute money to assist each other. The weapons recovered by the police were found in Andrew’s house. He said he is using the weapons at the site. He was the gang leader in the previous administration before Jide, who is now in prison, took over. Another member of the gang paraded, Andrew Awalebi, popularly called Flying Bird, confessed that he was initiated into the group in 1990 by one Efrebor.

He confessed to being a two-time ex-convict and had at one time been charged to Ebute-Meta Magistrate’s Court as a result of inter-cult clashes in Ajah/Lekki areas in which many lives were lost.

“I was a cultist before now but I am no longer a cultist. I was arrested in my house. I have been arrested for cult related activities.” Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, said nine of the cultists, who have made life a nightmare for the inhabitants of Jakande Estate and Lekki area of Lagos State, were arrested on May 9, at Jakande Estate, Lekki, Lagos based on their mission to attack rival cult group.

Weapon recovered from the suspects include a locally made single barrel pistol, two battle axe, two daggers, one cutlass, charms and a pair of red regalia. The other cultists were nabbed in Ketu area of Lagos. CP Edgal Imohimi noted that the suspects will be charged to court at the end of the investigation.

Source:- Vanguard
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With 10 Cakes? See Photos as Kenyans Celebrate Apostle Suleman

Oh dear! The Apostle is loved!!! The Apostle who is in Kenya for the 2018 Apostolic Invasion was given a surprise welcome, as church members and political leaders gathered to celebrate his birthday once again.
Though passed, they felt they still need to celebrate him among themselves, so they made him over 10 cakes. Sure Apostle Suleman too must be shocked.. Wow! People do know how to honour others. Yes, I know someone must be saying, but is this necessary? Over to you guys. See more photos from the celebration below..

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Photos: Man Tries to Steal Generator At Portharcourt Event Center Got Caught and Seriously Beaten

A man who was caught trying to steal a generator at an event center in Rumuodara Portharcourt, has been taught a lesson of his life.
The man pictured above was beaten black and blue before he was handed over to security men. Hmm,why steal?
More photos below...

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Photos From The Visit of Fayemi, Al-Makura's Visit to Nigeria President, Muhammad Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari today received the Ekiti State APC gubernatorial candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi.
He was also accompanied by Nasarawa State Governor Al-Makura Tanko to the State House. The purpose of their visit remains unknown. More photos from the visit below...

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17 Year Old Boy Who Brutal Stabs Mum & Sister Got Arrested (Photos)

A teenage boy reportedly "woke up, took a knife and killed" his mum and sister in a brutal attack at their home for 'no apparent reason'.
Mikhail Doyenkin has been arrested over the brutal slaying of his sister Valentina Doyenkina, 23, and mother Natalia, 51, in St Petersburg, Russia on May 10.

The 17-year-old, who according to Russian State TV has confessed to the crime, has not been able to provide a motive for the killings but told police: "I was sleeping, then I woke up, took a knife and killed."

Officers are also yet to establish reason for the attack, with social media pictures show the accused smiling and seemingly happy with his sister

According to local media, the young woman was training to become an economist.

After allegedly stabbing his mother and sister to death, the teenager left the city and went to the Krasnodar Krai region in south-western Russia where he was arrested near the Black Sea on May 13.

This is the same region where the family used to live with Doyenkin's father, who died a few years ago.

Police say he will remain in custody until July 10, when the final decision on his case will be made.
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Police Warn Doctors Over Rejection of Gunshot Victims

The Lagos State Police Command on Wednesday warned hospitals and doctors to henceforth desist from rejecting gunshot victims, saying such act constitutes a flagrant violation of an existing law.
Edgal Imohimi
Reacting to a media report on the refusal of an hospital to treat a victim who was shot and wounded by armed robbers, the police said it must be noted that doctors who do so are criminally liable on account of the provision of the Compulsory Treatment and Care of Victims Of Gunshot Act, 2017.

In a statement by the Command’s Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, the police said it would henceforth arrest and prosecute any medical practitioner who rejects gunshot victims on the ground of police report.

“The attention of the Nigeria Police, Lagos State Command, has been drawn to the Punch Newspapers publication of Monday, May 14, 2018, captioned ” Hospital rejects victim over bullet injuries.”

“The story goes that one Engr. Adebayo Akinwunmi, a senior engineer with an Information and Communications Technology company, was shot and wounded by armed robbers in his house at Ofada-Mokoloki, Ogun state and was brought to Reddington hospital, Ikeja for treatment only to be refused admission on the unlawful and inexcusable grounds that there was no police report.

“The Command considers the action of the hospital as cruel; perhaps, an indication that the hospital management may be ignorant of the “Compulsory Treatment and Care of Victims Of Gunshot Act, 2017,” Oti said.

He said the Act demands that every hospital in Nigeria whether public or private ‘shall accept or receive for immediate and adequate treatment with or without police clearance any person with a gunshot wounds.’

“The Act, however requires the hospital treating such a patient to report the fact to the nearest police station within two (2) hours of commencement of treatment,” Oti clarified.

He said the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Imohimi Edgal was saddened by the allegation against the said hospital, and had henceforth directed the arrest and prosecution of any medical practitioner who violates the law.

“The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, CP Imohimi Edgal, saddened by the allegation against the Reddington Hospital, has directed all Area Commanders and Divisional Police Officers in Lagos State to henceforth arrest and diligently prosecute any medical practitioner who rejects a gunshot victim on the ground of no police report.

“The CP wants doctors to note that the Act recommends a 5-year-jail term for any person, hospital or authority who stands by or omits to do his bit which results in the unnecessary death of any person with bullet wounds,” Oti said.

Source:- Punchng
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Photos As Chimpanzee Follows Farmer Home From Bush In Cross River

Villagers in Bitiah Irruan Boki area of Cross River State were excited to see a Chimpanzee follow a farmer home from the bush. See another photo below...
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Lagos State Police Arrested UNILAG Graduate For Allegedly Smuggling Indian Hemp Worth N10 Million Into Nigeria From Ghana

Lagos State Police Command has arrested a man named Gafar Ademolake for allegedly smuggling Indian hemp worth N10 million into Nigeria from Ghana.

The 38yr old who claimed to be a graduate of International Relations, UNILAG, said he took to the business when he couldn’t get an employment after graduation.

He explained that after his graduation and NYSC, he waited for about three years at home, doing nothing, before a friend, who was already into the business, introduced him to it. 

He recollected:
“After thinking about the business, I decided to try it. I first invested N200, 000 and made a whooping profit of N100, 000. In the past three years now, I have never looked back. I have made a lot of money.” 

According to Newtelegraph, he said that before his arrest, he had just recently invested N10m and had already wired the money to the courier called Iya Ghana, living at Mile 2 area of Lagos. 

He noted that if he had secured a job after graduation, he wouldn’t have ventured into the drug business. He also admitted that the incredible profits from the drug business, made it difficult for him to continue searching for a legal job. .

He said: “I regret my action. But I wanted to take my family away from poverty. That was why I decided to heed my friend’s advice and go into the drug business. I needed to survive. 

"Police tracked me through my phone after two drivers, who had gone to bring the Indian hemps for me from the warehouse were arrested by at the Ojueleba area. This is the first time I have been arrested since I joined the business.” 

When asked what he had achieved since he started the business, Ademolake said: “I have built two houses, and I have a car. I’m comfortable.”

The police said he will soon be charged to court after full investigation.
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Lagos State Set To Ban Codeine

The Lagos State Government on Friday said comprehensive plans are currently being put together to generally address the prevalence of drug abuse under the mental health policy in the state.
It said a law to that effect has already been updated. The Federal Government had on Tuesday directed the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control to stop further issuance of permits for the importation of codeine as active pharmaceutical ingredient for the preparation of cough syrup in response to the gross abuse of the substance in the country.

Speaking on Friday in Lagos at an event to mark the third anniversary of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration, Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, said before and after the ban was announced, the state government had been engaging with key stakeholders, adding that it was important for serious attention to be concentrated on mental health issue and affiliated matters.

He said, “On the issue of codeine, I must tell you that the Drug Control Unit in the ministry is very active. We are also operating in conjunction with NAFDAC.

“The ban principally is a NAFDAC initiative but as a state government, we did not wait; we are more proactive and ever since this issue came to light, the ministry has been engaging and very soon, we will come out with a more comprehensive programme.

“In line with this, we have updated our own mental health law as against what is happening at the federal level; we have a mental health policy and we are currently now implementing our mental health programme to cover all tiers – primary, secondary and tertiary health care systems.”

Speaking on activities of the state government in health sector in the last one year, Idris said it was gratifying to disclose that the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital successfully performed its first open-heart surgery on a 32-year-old patient solely by indigenous cardiac surgery team, as well as fourth successful cochlear implant and kidney transplant surgeries.

He also said LASUTH in conjunction with Rotary International and Alliance for Smile successfully carried out surgeries for six patients with cleft lip palate deformity.

Source: Punch
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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Gov Ajimobi, The Eleruwa of Eruwa, and Others Pays Condolence Visit To Parents of Speaker, Late Hon Michael Adeyemo (Photos)

The sudden death of the 47 year old speaker, Late Hon Adeshina Michael Adeyemo, early Friday morning, had thrown the entire state into gloom, following which the Oyo State Governor, Isiaq Abiola Ajumobi visits the parents of the late speaker in Ibarapa North East, Lanlate. As he also declared 3days of mourning during when flags are expected to be flown at half mast..

The Eleruwa of Eruwa, Oba Samuel Adegbola was also spotted with the Governor.

See more photos from the visit below..

May his soul rest in perfect peace..
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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Deeper Life Opens Multi-billion Edifice In Lagos (See Photos)

Hands jammed in praise, voices raised in worship as musical instruments blended in agreement on Tuesday to herald the inauguration of the Deeper Life Bible Church’s headquarters at Gbagada, Lagos.

It was learnt that after 13 years wait, members of the church worldwide connected as one to celebrate the occasion which was also witnessed by many religious and political leaders in Nigeria.

The multi-billion edifice, which was conceived and constructed by members of the church, is certainly worth the wait.

Its remarkable world-class features make it a piece of architectural intelligence.

According to information from the church, the 30,000 four-level amphitheatre comes with a central air-conditioning units, chiller farm and air-handing units.

There are also modern toilet facilities connected to a Central Sewage System, standby generators and panel rooms, 7.5 MVA dedicated public power, and 2.5 MVA transformers.

And right within the compound is a multi-purpose hall, water treatment plant, modern sewage treatment plant, two industrial boreholes and firefighting equipment.

The auditorium also has a fire hydrant and hose reels, office facilities on five floors, six and 12-passenger elevators, among others.

Adjoining the facility is a four-level framed structure car/bus park which can accommodate 450 cars and 75 buses, toilet facilities, restaurant and two-level sewage treatment plant.

And to allay the fear of residents, Deeper Life went far and beyond the call of duty by constructing a multi-million naira flyover which occupied the entire length of Oduwaiye Street, complete with traffic lights.

But very few would believe that such a masterpiece could be constructed on what used to be a marshy low land that was infested with snakes, scorpions, snails, fishes and reptiles.

And even after the Deeper Life reportedly acquired the land, it could only manage to construct a 3,000-capacity auditorium in 1980, which was viewed as a luxury by members because the church never had a fellowship centre of its own for many years.

Yet, in June 2005, the General Superintendent of the church, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, asked that the structure be pulled down to make way for what has now been said to be the fourth largest auditorium in the world.

Kumuyi, while speaking at the inauguration, said the edifice was to make worshippers comfortable in the presence of God.

The holiness preacher, who was flanked at the event by his wife, Esther, and the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, urged religious leaders to also commit to impacting their environment.

He said, “About 13 years ago, we knew that we were taking a leap of faith, but we trusted the lord that he would not only provide all we needed, but also direct the project to a successful conclusion. And today, we have even surpassed our expectation.

“We embarked on the additional projects because we are convinced that the task of developing and modernising of our society cannot be left to the government alone. Individuals, non-governmental organisations and even corporate organisations, including religious groups, should be involved, as much as they can, in the spiritual, as well as physical uplift of our state and country.

“Religious organisations must go beyond this approach. We must intensify the task of preaching and spreading the word all over our nation; we must tirelessly pursue the goal of changing lives for Jesus Christ. We must make our places of worship the gates of heaven on earth, where those thirsty for God and those who are seeking a deeper experience in life can find solace, be reconciled to God and be assured of a place in heaven when life on earth comes to an end.”

According to Punch, a feeling of nostalgia enveloped the congregation and those watching live through the social media and the life transmission when Kumuyi’s wife, Esther, paid tributes to the matriarch of the church, the late Mrs. Abiodun Kumuyi.

Esther, in a heavy voice, described the deceased as “amiable, indefatigable,” saying she gave the church many worthy legacies of which the popular Christian Women Mirror magazine stood out.

Osinbajo lauded the Deeper Life for its investment in a flyover and streetlights to ease traffic in the neighbourhood. He said the edifice is the fourth largest auditorium in the world.

He described Kumuyi, as “a man of uncommon humility and commitment to the spread of the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ with candour and integrity.”
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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sad: Beautiful Final Year Student Got Shot To Death On Her Birthday (Photos)

Tears as a 400 level undergraduate student of the department of Banking and Finance in Imo State University, has been shot dead by unknown gunmen.

According to multiple sources, the young lady identified as Ibeh Kelechi Assumpta a.k.a KC who is expected to graduate in August, was shot dead on her birthday on Wednesday, 21st March, 2019 by the men.

It was revealed that her family whom she lived with before the untimely death, were devastated and heartbroken at the Douglas Owerri scene Wednesday evening where the tragedy occurred over yet to be disclosed issue.

According to the brother of the late student who confirmed the tragedy “She was suppose to graduate this year, someone picked a gun, pointed at her, pulled the trigger, she fell in the pool of her blood”.

Confirming the sad news also, the departmental president, Comrade Victor Adiele issued an official statement to IMSU Info-media scope where he expressed bitterness and shock over the sudden demise.

The notification reads;
“It’s a black Thursday for entire students of banking and finance. With tears of agony, bitterness, the entire students of NABAFS mourn the death of their beloved colleague, course mate, friend, sister Ibeh Kelechi Assumpta (Kay Cee), a 400 level student, soon to be graduate by August, who was shot dead yesterday 21st March by unknown.

“Yesterday happens to be her 23rd birthday celebration. So unfortunately she weren’t able to celebrate her day to d end.

“On behalf of the entire students of NABAFS, Comr. Adiele Victor (PRESIDENT).” 

May her dous rest in perfect peace. 
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