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Monday, December 30, 2019

FESU! ‘There's Always Been Violence But This is Going to be an Interesting One, As I Can Tell You My Duties as a Member of the Electoral Committee’ – Akindele Oluwaseun Reveals In New Interview

Federation of Eruwa Students Union FESU Akindele Oluwaseun Interview Teelamford
One of the Electoral Committee's of the Federation of Eruwa Students Union (FESU), Akindele Oluwaseun in a new interview with TEELAMFORD has revealed that truly there has always been Violence during FESU Election but as he's one of the Electoral Committee he can boldly say this year's election is going to be an Interesting One.

Akindele in the interview with TEELAMFORD, opened up on his experiences as a Member of the FESU Electoral committee's adding that he's hoping for a better FESU as we all awaits the coming FESU Election.

Enjoy the interview below..

Hi sir, This Ademuyiwa Olamide Lamford, from

Hello good evening brother, Okay I have known you, How has been things over there.

Good.. All thanks to God

Good to hear bro

Due to some slight findings.. It was learnt that you're one of the FESU Electoral committee's.. If I'm correct sir?


Alright, I have some questions and facts to derive from you please, if you don't mind. Can I go on??

Yes of course so long  it will help the committee, You can go bro

I was at Federation of Igboora Students Union (FISU) election yesterday and I came across some stuffs that prompts me to need to make some certain things about FESU as well..
But firstly, If I may ask sir, how many Electoral committee's do we have for FESU Election??

6 electoral committee which comprises Chairman, Treasurer, Gen sec PRO and two members which i happened to be one of the two members

May I know the duties and responsibilities of each and every members of the committee??

Well, i can only tell you my duties as a member of the committee.. My duties including giving my opinion on subject matters, selling of candidates forms, participating in  organizing election, checking of voters identity et al

What about other committee's?

Am not in right position to tell you. Just like screening we held today we ask each person question based on their aspiring post... Is like asking someone aspiring for post of PRO duties of Gen sec

Smiles, Is it that you don't know their duties or you don't want to reveal to anyone??

I know it of course. but like i said up there, am not in right position to tell you their duties. I can only give you hint, Only if you insist

No need Bruv.. Since you think it's not right telling me.
But sir, may I know Why, When and How you emerged as a member of the FESU Electoral committee's??.. If you don't mind telling me sir

My dear brother, am a free minded person the reason for being the member was that, a vote was conducted among the six committees i was voted to be a member me and Baba Afusa were voted to be members of the committee. The Election was conducted on the first of our meeting. I think have answer the three questions being asked from me by you?

Good, So Bruv.. What are your views about this coming Election?

Well am optimistic for better Election. That's why a  thorough screening was conducted today.
There has always been violence on the day, but I must tell the committee has made all efforts not to allow it. Because this coming election will be so interesting.i can feel it.
We have made all necessary arrangements of security.

It was gathered that some dramas came up today at the screening venue which one of it was about a man said to be one of the Stakeholders trying to be among/make himself one of the Screening Committee's..
What do you have to say about that??

The issues has been resolved and the people involved have moved on. I don't think we need to dwell on it again.

But can you tell us little about it?... Or what really happened??.. If that's not a big thing to do

My brother i can't say anything about it so far the issue has been resolved.
I look forward for tomorrow's Manifestos.

Okay, one last question.. Who and who do you think or see as winners for this coming Election??

Ha! That is a very big question,but like I said earlier, it will be an Interesting Election. Especially, the presidential I can't predict who will win

Alright, So lastly what do you have for people out there.. Both the contestants and the Voters?

Well,we want people to bear with us on that day in order to conduct a credible Election because that's the reason for electoral committee.
We will make sure there will not be manipulation of votes.
We need the voters on that day to provide either admission letter, school fee receipts or a valid school ID card in order to vote.
Any students/voters that do not possess any of all these means of identification will not be allow to vote.
And lastly we have made the ballot paper in such way that will prevent vote to be void.

Okay.. Thanks for your cooperation so far, We hope you will always be available whenever we try to hear from you again anytime soon.
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