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Thursday, March 2, 2023

He's Found of Molesting Young Boys and Toying With Their Pen* in Eruwa –Ez ekiel Olaniyan Mc Easy

Ez ekiel Olaniyan Mc Easy
He is found of male child molestation and toying with boys pen*s in Eruwa, An on air personality, Ezekiel Babatunde Olaniyan, also known as Mc Easy says.

Ezekiel Mc Easy, who is popularly known in Eruwa, a local government area of Oyo State, for his weekly radio program named AYEGBESO on Akuko Gagara Radio, during his program on 22nd February 2023 unveiled an incident where he says there is a man in his hometown (Eruwa), who happens to be a trainer on a particular work/sport, whereby many parents do allow their children to go and learn from him, but it turns out to be child molesting instead of training.

According to Mc Easy, the aforementioned man whose name was not disclosed on the program, has long time being found of children molestation, whereby he do toys with the boys pen*s both publicly and privately during and after their trainings from years ago, and do happens till date.

Mc Easy on the program AYEGBESO also claims that him personally has once been molested by this same man some years ago, and he also did same with some of his younger ones.

See video from the program below;

Now here is the question;
1. Is child molestation a good thing in the society?. 

2. Is Ezekiel Mc Easy talking about a real incidents, or this is slandering?

3. Who do you think Ezekiel Mc Easy is referring to?

Share your opinions in the comment box as we bring to you the full gist soon. 

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