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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Kwara Poly ND Program Admission List, 2018/2019 Out (Check Admission)

KWARAPOLY ND Admission List for the 2018/2019 academic session is out. Candidates who applied for admission into the National Diploma programme of the Kwara State Polytechnic for the 2018/2019 academic session can proceed to check their admission status.
The names of admitted candidates have been uploaded online. See details to check your admission status below;
  1. Candidates are to visit kwara Poly admission portal at
  2. Provide your Application ID (e.g prejambites2017_12345) and Password in the required columns.
  3. Click on Login button to access your Kwara Poly admission status.
Congratulations to all admitted candidates!
Best of luck..
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See Corps Member's 5 Months "Savings" That Got People Talking (Photos)

A Corps Member shared a screenshot of his account balance in a Facebook group, according to the Corps member, he had saved up to N99,760 from his NYSC allowance within a space of 5 months.
This has brought about mixed feelings, considering the fact that the NYSC allowance is N19,800 monthly.
See the savings screenshot below..

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

See Photos: Beautiful Nigerian Lady Who Works As A Mechanic

Many young ladies nowadays are not ready to work on their own, all they want is a government job or a rich man to bless and shower them with money. Below is a photo of a young lady who work on her own as a professional mechanic.
A lot of positive reviews have been observed since Hausa actress Bilikisu Abdullahi shared this adorable photo of a female mechanic on duty, somewhere in Kano State, Nigeria.

The unnamed lady looked well kitted as she put her hands to work on the wheel of a vehicle. We commend her for her diligence.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sad: Face of Nursing Student Raped And Stabbed To Death In Taraba (Photos)

A Facebook user, Alex Anthony has shared a sad story of  how a 300 level nursing student,Mercy Victor was allegedly gang-raped and stabbed to death  by unknown persons in Jalingo,Taraba state.
Alex wrote; A final year student of school of Nursing and midwifery Jalingo, has been messily raped to death.

Mercy who was a student of Midwifery 300level, meet the 3 evil men of keke riders around specialist and school of Nursing’s bridge who raped and stabbed her to death, when no person or security guard to rescue her on that moment.

The deadly incident happened when the late mercy was returning back to school on Sunday night around 10-11pm from town where she went for weekend.

According to an eye witness report, Mercy was raped, stabbed and later found swimming on her pool of blood and was later taken to the near by specialist hospital Jalingo where she later give up the ghost this morning Tuesday 5th June 2018.

Report also has it that, Mercy wasn’t the only victims of this unfortunate act by the suspected Keke riders, it was learned that this evil act has been happening but no security has been send to the area to help curb the security challenges affecting vulnerable students at that area.
See his post and other photo below..

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Meet The Fattest Nigerian Female Corp Member (See Photos)

Lol. The photo was found somewhere on Facebook. But my question is, is she really big?. 
Find out by yourself. See the full Photo below.. 

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

LASU Ex-student Reveals How Lecturer Delayed Their Results For 6 Years for Not Paying Bribe

Just like a season movie that is yet to climax, the last seems not to have been heard of the sacking of 15 lecturers, two non-academic staff and the demotion of two others by the Governing Council of the Lagos State University, as more facts have continued to emerge about the issue.

One of the sacked lecturers, Dr. Isaac Oyewunmi, who was the branch chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in LASU, said recently that the allegations against him were mere victimisation and that it was “shameful” that LASU relied on “ghost petition” to sack him.

He had said, “If you can even prove that I demanded some amount of money from those students, nothing more than that, and some people actually collected money, it is politics of activism and we are used to it. But it is actually shameful.

“When you have incidents of a ghost petition and then you use the evidence of a third party to rubbish the career of another – well, it’s interesting; we are enjoying it honestly.”

But, as it turns out, the person who wrote the petition against Oyewunmi has come out to state his side of the story...

In an exclusive interview with Punch's Tunde Ajaja earlier in the week, the petitioner, Mr. Alabi Abiodun, an ex-student of LASU, revealed how the sacked lecturer allegedly delayed the processing of the result of seven students of the (2007) set for six years because they refused to pay the N50,000 bribes he allegedly demanded from each of them.

In the course of the delay, Alabi said he lost two job offers because his result was not ready and that it took the intervention of the former governor of the state, Babatunde Fashola, to get their results.

In a narrative that turned out to be very interesting, Alabi said he gained admission into LASU in 2003 to study Political Science under the sandwich programme. It was a three-year course, but due to strike actions along the line, he graduated in 2007, instead of 2006. He noted that his experience while the programme lasted was sweet and productive.

But after graduation, that sweet experience was soon replaced with frustration, Alabi said.

He continued, “At the end of the programme in 2007, we were made to know that Dr. Isaac Oyewunmi would be the one to coordinate and process our result for onward submission, as he performed that responsibility for the entire department. We were optimistic that in no time, our results would be ready, more so that we were just seven in the class.”

Alabi noted that most of them sponsored themselves to school and so they could not wait to lay their hands on their result to start looking for job and earn better living. But throughout that year, there was no update about the result.

“By 2008, we discovered that nothing was happening as regards our result, so we approached Dr. Oyewunmi again. He said yes, he wanted to help us but that he had been using his money to make photocopies of the result, which had been delaying the work.

“On hearing that, I told my colleagues to let us motivate him and speed things up. We contributed among ourselves and gave him N10,000, even though he didn’t ask for it. We just wanted to facilitate the process and maybe that was our undoing. When we gave him the money, we then assumed that things would be faster. But sadly, that was the beginning of a torturous journey.”

Throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010; making three years after graduation, there was no update about their result. Even though they kept meeting Oyewunmi to know the update about their result, Alabi said he kept promising them he would do it and at the graduation every year, Alabi said he would always dress up like one of the graduates but would always come back deflated.

Apart from holding them to ransom, Alabi said the delay cost him two job opportunities. “In 2009, I got a job offer from the Federal Government but I lost it because I didn’t have a result to present; same thing in 2010 when I got another offer from the Lagos State government and I lost it because of no result,” he added.

When the delay became costly to bear, Alabi said himself and his colleagues went to meet the lecturer to know what was happening and that to their greatest dismay, Oyewunmi said he could not lay his hands on the result.

He said, “There was a heavy rain that period; such that it rained for about 16 hours in Lagos. Dr. Oyewunmi told us that after the rain, he could not find our result.

“On the day we agreed to meet him, before I got there, he called the two people that first got there and took them to the tree beside the three-in-one building very close to sandwich building. He told them the rain swept away our results but that he would help us out. He said each of us should pay N50,000 if we really wanted to get our result.

“When I got there and I was told, I went to his office to ask if what they said was true and he told me that each of us should pay N50,000 before we could get our result. I’m not the type to buy result, so I told my colleagues we won’t do that and we all agreed because even in our four years, I never paid any lecturer.”

Alabi, who was sponsoring himself, explained that even if he was to raise the N50,000, he would have to work for three months without eating. “We agreed not to pay,” he added.

Dazed by the delay and the unfolding drama, Alabi said he ran to one of his lecturers named Dr. Muda, who expressed shock over the report. He said the lecturer took him to the Acting Director of Sandwich Programme, Dr. MOB Mohammed, who was equally shocked by the report.

“That day, I cried because the trouble was becoming too much and then felt suddenly helpless. Why did I go to school if I had nothing to show for it. We all know the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, so when you lose two job offers, you can imagine how it feels.”

Based on the promise by the acting director that something would be done about the result, during the next convocation in 2010, Alabi said he was prepared for the programme as one of the graduands but on getting to school, he found out his name and those of his colleagues were not included. Thus, he went back home deflated.

In fact, instead of doing the needful, Alabi alleged that Oyewunmi started using an agent in the person of one of the students in the department, known as Alhaji, who gained admission the same year Alabi graduated. “Alhaji was the one encouraging us to pay the money, in accordance with what Dr. Oyewunmi had said,” he said.

In 2011, four years after graduation, Alabi took the bull by the horn when he attended the convocation of that year and found that their names were not in the programme.

He said, “Former governor Babatunde Fashola was the visitor to the school, so I got a bulletin where his name and number was. At that point, I couldn’t bear it again. After the programme, I sent a ‘SOS’ message to the governor and I titled the text message ‘LASU result only worth N50,000’. I appealed to him to save us from Dr. Isaac Oyewunmi, through his agent, Alhaji, so that they could release our result.

“As it turned out, when Fashola received that message, he forwarded it to the then VC, Prof. Obafunwa, who couldn’t hesitate, given where the message came from. The VC called the Director of External Programmes, Dr. Abanikonda, who also called Dr. Muda, whom I had reported to earlier.

“That was how investigation into the matter began. At a point, the VC (Obafunwa) called me into his office and asked if I could repeat the allegations in front of the lecturers and I told him I was ready. I didn’t have any reason to lie, not to even talk of destroying another man’s career. I wouldn’t do that. I learnt the VC ordered that our results should be retrieved from him and released as soon as possible. But the damage had been done.”

Asked why he didn’t take other steps to put pressure on the lecturer, as six years appears a long time, Alabi said they never knew it could take that long, as they renewed their hope of graduating every year. “Initially, we didn’t see the need to petition the authorities until it dawned on us and I had to involve the governor,” he said.

Overall, Alabi said he and his colleagues spent 10 years to get their first degree, as their result was eventually released in 2013 when all the joy of being a graduate had already faded out. But that didn’t seem to be the end to the drama. Alabi said in 2015, he started receiving threats as some unknown persons were visiting where he was living, telling people to warn him to desist from trying to report or implicate their boss/lecturer.

He said, “When it got to a level, I wrote LASU, notifying the authorities of the threat. And I also told them that it was because nothing was done about it that was why people could still be threatening me on his behalf. I asked the management that if someone sat on my result for six years, should threats be the next line of action?

“They acknowledged the receipt of the letter and they set up a panel. They invited me and I went there to state my side of the story. I appeared before the panel about five times, and each of those times, I used to sit beside Dr. Oyewunmi in front of the panel.

“With the things going on in LASU now, I know they would be going about, making concocted report of what did not happen and that is why I like to talk about it. I decided to say my own story for the entire world to hear and put things in perspective, without bias.

“I’m not judging him, but what he did was a violation of our rights for him as the coordinator of our results to make a demand. It is also against the teaching etiquette for a teacher to give the result of other students to somebody else to prepare, especially when the person is also a student of the same institution.”

While there have been accusations that Oyewunmi was sacked based on his union activities as ASUU chairman in LASU, given the reported disagreement between the management and the union, Alabi, while thanking the management, his “wonderful lecturers” and his colleagues for their cooperation, stressed that people should separate the individual from the union.

He said, “Was LASU branch of ASUU on trial? No. Was it LASU branch of ASUU that delayed our result? No; it was Dr. Oyewunmi. If the authorities of the school, in their own wisdom, feel that dismissing him is the best judgment for him, so be it. Whoever that wants to be the sympathiser of Oyewunmi should separate ASUU from his person. Let us judge the matter on the basis of merit, not with bias.”

Specifically, ASUU, Lagos Zone, had claimed that the exercise by the management of LASU was to implicate the leadership of the union in the school, but Alabi insisted that anyone with conscience should put his children in their shoes.

“They should imagine that a child whose fees they are paying should finish school and would not get result for six years, not to talk of people who sponsored themselves. I sponsored myself. My parents are very rich, on the other side; likewise some of us. So, you can understand our pain,” he added.

Quoting Revelation 22 to stress that Oyewunmi would get the reward of what he did to them, Alabi added that if he had got those jobs he was offered, his life would have been better than what it is at the moment.

But, while responding to the allegations, Oyewunmi said there was no substance in the allegations that he asked for money to process results. He accused the school management of paying an agent to dent his image, being the arrowhead of ASUU in the school.

Oyewunmi, in a telephone interview with our correspondent on Friday, said, “The gentleman said he was admitted in 2003 when I was not even a member of staff.

“I joined LASU in 2004. If he was admitted in 2003, he was supposed to graduate in 2007, whereas I became the subject coordinator for the political science education students in 2011. And 2007 to 2011 would give us about four years, yet, I was the one who delayed his graduation all this while.

“The point is that there is this systemic problem in LASU and not until we come to stand up to our shortcomings collectively and not use anybody as a scapegoat, we won’t be moving forward.

“There is no substance in all of these and if the school finds it difficult to reverse itself, the court of law in some days from now would look at it and we are very sure we would be victorious.”

On September 8, 2017, the institution had said that the sacking of the staff members was due to different acts of misconduct and that there was thorough investigation of specific documented allegations of misconduct levelled against them.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun, had also said at a press briefing on Monday that the decision was part of efforts to sanitise the system and that it was not in any way politically motivated.
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Some Helpful Hints For All Nigerian Graduate

Nowadays, many Nigerian graduates have a false idea of life after graduating and serving. I was chatting with an undergraduate one day when she told me she can't take any job that doesn't pay at least N500,000. I was shocked to my bones.


Graduates needs to brace up to reality and accept that they have to work hard to make a successful career after school. So, below.. are 5 timeless lessons for every Nigerian graduate;

(1). Don't rely on your course of study - Be ready to diversify 
More than 50% of bank workers didn't study banking and finance or related courses. Sane can be said of so many professions too.

If you're in a course where employment opportunity is limited, eg Zoology, you would agree you might not end up in a zoo or around animals.
The solution is to begin to diversify in your knowledge and skill acquisition or trade. Get certifications to fit in other fields or learn something, e.g. tailoring and become a fashion designer.

(2). Don't Wait for Employment 
Every graduate irrespective of their final grade in the university, polytechnic or colleges expects to serve and get a job straight off. This feeling is even automatic among those finishing with first class, 2nd class upper or Higher credit.

Prepare yourself for anything, start thinking of at least a source of income, if possible more right from your final year in school or during your youth service. That dream job might not come automatically.

(3). Don't give up 
Need we emphasize this further? If you give up, your dream dies - keep going, keep doing the right things and you'll sure to stand out with time.

(4). Don't expect a bank business loan 
For those who have 1 & 2 sorted out, and looking to be young entrepreneurs, don't wait for a bank loan, you might not meet their requirements, so don't wait.
The solution could talking to family and friends, colleagues for partnership or part sponsoring.

(5). Don't lose your school, NYSC contacts 
Keep your contacts, they are your first client. It's easier to convince family and friends to patronize you, that could then build your CV, portfolio or profile which would be used to get more clients. Value your links, don't lose them.
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Allegedly OAU Extra-Year Student Paraded With Stolen Items (See Photos)

An extra year student of Obafemi Awolowo university, Microbiology department, was caught with items they said he stole. Students who caught him, put him in the midst of the items and took pictures of him.

The suspect

This is quite embarrassing.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Ekiti State Students Wins The First Position In The 2017/2018 SSCE NECO Examination

Ekiti state says today that it has retained its first position in the recently conducted National Examination Council (NECO) test for secondary school students.

Of all the states in the country, Ekiti recorded the best results in the 2016 Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) of NECO.

Governor Ayo Fayose, in a statement by Idowu Adelusi, his chief press secretary, said: “Our efforts in the education sector are yielding positive results, we have retained our first and leading position in this year’s NECO examinations. Last year we came first and we have done it again.

“I am promising the people of the state that we are going to maintain that leading position throughout my tenure and it will continue by the grace of God when my deputy, Prof. Kolapo Olusola-Eleka takes over from me.

“Apart from being diligent, he is the one supervising the education sector and I am proud of his commitment to duty and I am assuring you that with him in the saddle, things would get better.

“When I first came to office in 2003, the sector was in bad shape and we organised the first Education Summit and we moved from number 34 in the federation to seven and first in the Sourh-West. I came back again to meet it in a bad state and we took some steps and here we are.

“Last year when we came first, some critics who would not see anything good in other people said we reaped from what our predecessor left. Now we have proved them wrong.

“We are the first when it comes to the motivation of teachers and assisting them with teaching aids and materials. No state celebrates teachers like we do during the annual Teachers’ Day.”

Congratulations to them..
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

NECO Releases SSCE June/July 2017 Examination Results

The National Examination Council on Thursday released the results for June/July 2017 Senior School Certificate Examination.

According to Registrar of the council, Prof. Charles Uwakwe who made the announcement in Minna, Niger state, 1,055,988 candidates registered while 1,051,472 sat for the examination.

Breaking it down, he said 745,053 or 70.85% have 5 credits and above including English language and mathematics and represents 1.11% improvement in candidates performance compared with 2016. 947,850 or 90.14% candidates have 5 credits and above irrespective of English and mathematics representing 1.63% improvement compared with last year’s result. 903,690 candidates have credit and above in English while 849335 candidates have credit and above in mathematics.

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Young Nigerian Girl Graduates From University of California at Age 18 (Photos)

the girl
Nkechi Chidi-Ogbolu is one of many Nigerians making us proud. A graduate at 18, she has made history as the youngest person to graduate from Howard University, Washington, DC USA.

Selected to begin a PhD programme at University of California, Davis in September 2017, Nkechi - one of the youngest PhD scholars in the world, is poised to kick off a new adventure.

On her recent visit to Nigeria, Nkechi paid a visit to the MTN Headquarters in Ikoyi and was warmly received by the Corporate Relations Executive, Tobechukwu Okigbo and staff of MTN who had the privilege of receiving autographed copies of her book.

At 18, the fun loving teenager who contemplated dropping out of college at one point, has already accomplished what many adults will struggle to achieve in their lifetime.

This go-getter took the SATs and TOEFL at age 13 and received 5 scholarships offering admission to 5 different colleges in the United States. She chose Howard University.

She’s the author of the book, Tales of an Uber Minor in College, which highlights the importance of finding and seizing opportunities, and the important roles friendship, mentoring and family play in shaping our lives.
She is living proof that even ordinary people can achieve extraordinary and exceptional things. See more photos below..

the girl2

the girl3
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017/2018 NOV/DEC WAEC GCE Mathematics Answers

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

NOTE:- (Check before you shade) 

^ means Raise to power
* means multiplication
√ means Sqr root

/ means division or divide

2x/1 - 2/5 y = 2y/1
LCM = 5‎
10x - 2y = 10y
10x = 10y + 2y
10x = 12y
X = 12y/10 -------------1

2x - 2/5y + 2 1/4x + 1/2y + 2y = 180
LCM = 20
40x - 8y + 45x + 10y + 40y = 3600
40x + 45x + 10y - 8y + 50y = 3600
95x + 42y = 3600
95 (6y/5) + 42y =3600
19(6y) + 42y = 3600
114y + 42y = 3600
156y = 3600
Y = 3600/156
Y = 23.08
Sub for y in eq 1
X = 6(23.08)/5
X = 27.69‎



From tan60/1*PR/3root2
From sin45/1*root6/x

Median = ((N + 1) / 2)th item
N = 31
40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 41, 41, 41, 41, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 43, 43, 44, 44, 44, 44, 45, 45, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46
Data table
F 7 4 6 2 4 2 6
X 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
Median = ((31 + 1) / 2)th item
Median = (32 / 2)th item
Median = 16th item
Arranging the discrete data in ascending order, We go get:
40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 41, 41, 41, 41, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 43, 43, 44, 44, 44, 44, 45, 45, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46
Median = 42

a)prob (A)=3/7
b)prob( B)=7-4/7=3/7
but (AuB)={4,8,12,11,6,20,24,}

2x/1 - 2/5 y = 2y/1
LCM = 5‎
10x - 2y = 10y
10x = 10y + 2y
10x = 12y
X = 12y/10 -------------1

2x - 2/5y + 2 1/4x + 1/2y + 2y = 180
LCM = 20
40x - 8y + 45x + 10y + 40y = 3600
40x + 45x + 10y - 8y + 50y = 3600
95x + 42y = 3600
95 (6y/5) + 42y =3600
19(6y) + 42y = 3600
114y + 42y = 3600
156y = 3600
Y = 3600/156
Y = 23.08
Sub for y in eq 1
X = 6(23.08)/5
X = 27.69‎

area of shaded portion=area of sector pqs-area of triangle pqs



percentage who liked football and volleyball but not boxing=20
ii)percentage who liked exactly two part=40+20+10=70
percentage who like none=5%


|CA|^2=300^2+100^2-2(300)(100)cos 120degree

Using sine rule
bearing=270+13.90=283.9degree = 284degree




area=30cm^2 h/b=3/2
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Story of Man Who Starts School At 72yrs Old Just To Read Letters His Children Sent Him (See Photo)

In 2003, 72-year-old Rufinus Taa marched to Korabariet Primary School, Kenya to enroll as a Class Two student.

Mr Taa, known as Arap Taa by the residents of Kuresoi North, said he wanted to be able to read the letters his children sent him in addition to be able to write back.

“When I got letters by my children I would certainly go around the village looking for someone to read them for me. Then I would certainly tell them what to write back, although some people relayed the wrong message,” he said.

Currently aged 86, Mr Taa is actually happy he made the decision to go back to school despite his advancing age.

“I have learnt to read, write in addition to I can communicate with people in English in addition to Kiswahili. What else could I ask for?” he says.


“I enjoyed Kiswahili although Mathematics used to ‘hurt’ my head,” Mr Taa said laughingly.

He said he got an A in Mathematics, Science in addition to Kiswahili in addition to a total of 256 marks from the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2009 in addition to joined Korabariet Secondary School where he managed a D-minus from the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 2013.

Richard Korir, a teacher at Korabariet Secondary School, said Mr Taa was an active member of the Guidance in addition to Counselling club.

Although he would certainly have loved to study Medicine, Mr Taa is actually well-versed with herbal treatment, a skill he learned by his mother.

He currently works at his former high school as a watchman, a job he says gives him fulfillment.
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Friday, September 8, 2017

17 Staff Been Dismisses As 2 Others Got Demotes In LASU

The Lagos State University has dismissed 15 academic Staff and two non-academic staff for different acts of misconduct.

The school’s governing council also demoted one academic staff and one non-academic staff.

A statement on Friday by LASU’s Acting Head, Centre for Information Press and Public Relations, Ademola Adekoya, said the decision was taken at the governing council’s meeting
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Federal Government Begins Salary Arrears Payments For University Lecturers

The Nigeria Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, has disclosed that the Federal Government has begun the payment of salary arrears of the striking university lecturers

But the lecturers, under the aegis of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) insisted that the Federal Government must remit N200 billion into the universities’ revitalisation fund before the ongoing strike can be suspended.

ASUU leaders, who came to the negotiation table with a former President of the union, Prof. Assisi Asobie and President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Abuba Wabba, explained that the payment of their salary arrears without getting a commitment to the payment of the N200 billion for the rehabilitation of the universities would portray the union as being only concerned with the welfare of its members and not the general improvement of the teaching conditions in the institutions.

Issues in contention include the registration of Nigerian Universities Pension Management Company (NUPEMCO); fractionalisation of salaries in federal universities and gross under-funding/non-funding of state universities and arrears and the implementation of earned academic allowance; and the non-release of funds for the revitalisation of public universities as spelt out in the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding.
Other issues are guidelines for the retirement benefits of professors in line with the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreement; Treasury Single Account (TSA), etc..
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Monday, September 4, 2017

23 Nigeria Universities Adopt 120 Cut-Off Mark By JAMB

At least 23 Nigerian universities have adopted the 120 cut-off mark recently introduced by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB.

The universities, mostly private, are among the 168 universities in Nigeria whose cut-off marks were released in a document Premium Times obtained from JAMB on Friday.

Always come to to get any update you want, we are always here because of your needs. The universities that adopted the 120 cut-off point are listed below;

(1). Achievers University
(2). Caleb University
(3). Fountain University
(4). Caritas University
(5). Novena University
(6). Renaissance University
(7). Ojiagu-agbani University
(8). Evangel University
(9). McPherson University
(10). South Western University
(11). Samuel Adegboyega University
(12). Wellspring University
(13). Western Delta University
(14). Wesley University
(15). Summit University
(16). Edwin Clark University
(17). Hezekiah University
(18). Kings University
(19). Arthur Javis University
(20). Crown Hill University
(21). Clifford University
(22).Coal City University
(23). Adeleke University
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Staffs of Ondo State Polytechnic Commenced Strike

Lecturers at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo in Ondo State have commenced a strike over the refusal of the school management to pay their arrears.

The lecturers, under the aegis of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), are demanding the payment of arrears accruing over N1.7 billion.

The polytechnic lecturers in the school said they are owed ten months of arrears and that promises made by the authorities to resolve the matter have not been fulfilled.

They are also demanding the payment of sixteen months’ worth of Consolidated Polytechnic Salary Structure (CONPOCASS) allowance.

A source in the school said the union leaders have exhausted their strength in negotiations with the university authorities and were therefore left with no choice but to strike,

The source said the union leaders have also accused the management of the institution of being insensitive to the plight of the lecturers and staff members of the school.
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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Oyo State Gov, Abiola Ajimobi Says LAUTECH Has 99 Bank Accounts

Oyo State Governor, Sen Abiola Ajimobi, on Saturday said Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho,had 99 bank accounts.

Ajimobi also added that the institution’s school fees might be reviewed to make it self sustaining.

The governor disclosed this on Saturday in Ibadan, while featuring on a programme, ‘Saturday Special,’ aired on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Ajimobi said since he assumed office in 2011, his administration had paid N22bn to the institution.

He described the amount being paid as school fees in LAUTECH as “abysmal.”

“The default in the payment of subvention and salaries was as a result of economic downturn. When we came on board, we reduced the school fee to N65,000.

“There are secondary schools that charge between N150,000 and N200,000, while some universities charge between N500,000 and N2m. To date, we have heavily subsidised LAUTECH.

Imagine, the institution has 99 accounts and some could not be traced,” he said.

The governor added that the government had taken steps to resolve the crisis in the university, among which was the auditing of its account to determine its viability to be


He disclosed that the government had constituted the institution’s governing council which would submit its report after the holiday.

He promised that the crisis in the university would soon be over and the institution would be given a take-off grant for three months
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hilarious; How a Guy Was Carried In Liberia In Celebration of His Graduation (See Photos)

Lol, Funny but lovely right?
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Full List Of Nigerian Institutions That Have Released Their Entrance Forms For 2017/2018

With the announcement of JAMB 2017 cut-off marks, many schools have started rolling out their Post-UTME forms.

This list will be updated as other schools announce their 2017/2018 Post-UTME registrations. You are therefore advised to visit this thread regularly to know when your school of choice has been added to the list.

Below are the list of schools that has so far announced their Post-UTME registration for 2017/2018 academic session.

UNIUYO Post UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

YSU Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Marks, Screening And Registration Details

Nwafor Orizu College Of Education Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

BUK Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Marks, Screening And Registration Details

UNIMAID Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

FUOYE Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

UNICAL Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening and Registration Details

UI Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

FUTO Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

MAUTECH Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Eligibility And Registration Details

FUPRE Post-UTME 2017: Cut-Off Mark And Registration Details

UNIPORT Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

MOUAU Post-UTME Screening 2017: Cut-off Mark, Eligibility And Registration Details

UNN Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Marks, Screening Schedule And Registration Details

The Polytechnic Ibadan Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

EBSU Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

FUTMINNA Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

AAU Post-UTME/DE 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

FUNAI Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

AKSU Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

UNILAG Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration

UNIBEN Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

RSUST Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Screening And Registration Details

UNILORIN Post-UTME/DE 2017: Screening And Registration Details

AAUA Post-UTME/DE 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

EKSU Post-UTME/DE 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off And Registration Details

LASU Post-UTME Screening 2017: Eligibiity, Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

ABSU Post-UTME Admission 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off Mark, And Registration details

Fed Poly Nekede Post-UTME Screening: Cut-off Mark And Registration details

AKSCOE Post-UTME Admission 2017/2018: Eligibility, Cut-Off Mark And Registration

Fed Poly Ilaro Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility And Registration Details

MOCPED In Affiliation With University of Ibadan Post-UTME Screening 2017/2018 Announced

PTI Post-UTME Screening 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

FCE Eha-Amufu Admission Screening Exercise 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off & Registration Details

Paul University Admission Screening (UTME/DE): Eligibility And Registration Details

Edo State University Admission Screening Exercise 2017/2018 Announced

OOU Admission Screening Date and Registration Deadline For 2017 Postponed

Elizade University Post-UTME 2017: Eligibility And Registration Details

TASUED Admission Screening (UTME/DE) 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off Mark, Screening & Registration

Fed Poly Bauchi Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility And Registration Details

Al-Hikmah University Admission Screening (UTME/DE) 2017/2018 Announced

Bowen University 1st Admission Screening Date And Details 2017/2018 Announced

Achievers University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Screening And Registration Details

Adeleke University Admission Screening 2017/2018 Announced

Bells University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility And Registration Details

ABUAD Admission Screening Exercise Date and Details 2017/2018 Announced

OOU Admission Screening 2017: Cut-off, Date, Eligibility And Registration Details

Madonna University Admission Screening 2017/2018 Announced

Delta State Poly Otefe Admission Screening 2017: Date Eligibility & Registration

Fed Poly Nasarawa Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility & Registration Details

Akwa Ibom Poly Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Registration And Screening Details

Fountain University Admission Screening 2017 Announced

Samuel Adegboyega University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility and Registration Details

Tansian University Admission Screening 2017/2018 Announced

DELSU Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off mark and Registration Details

Veritas University Admission Screening 2017/2018 Announced

Edo State Poly Admission Screening (ND Full-time) 2017/2018 Announced

Wesley University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Screening & Registration Details

ACU Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Screening And Registration Details

Bingham University Admission screening 2017: Eligibility & Registration Details

Mountain Top University Admission Screening (UTME/DE) 2017 Announced

Bowen University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Screening And Registration Details

Landmark University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility, Screening & Registration Details

KWASU Admission Screening (UTME/DE) 2017: Eligibility & Registration Details

CUAB Admission Screening (UTME/DE) 2017: Eligibility & Registration Details

ABUAD Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility & Registration Details

Babcock University Undergraduate Admission 2017/2018

Covenant University 2017 Admission Screening: Eligibility & Registration Details

Oduduwa University Admission Screening 2017: Eligibility And Registration Details

Igbinedion University Admission Screening 2017/2018 Announced
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